The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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My body stirring from the floor, a simple heave came from it. The sound of breathing as I tried to stay calm. Looking back at my claws... They were like nothing that the other infested had. They looked like my normal fingers with sharp ends.
"I was sent with another squad. Unfortunately.....They have all died, but it was to be expected. Sometimes things are beyond our control. I have made sure they will not come back and.....Heh, bother us later." I reply
"Hmm... After the start of the operation, relevant to when you landed, when did you make first contact?"
"Contact. The creatures or the infested? Almost as soon as we touched down, we were attacked. I tried to make my way to find Lt. Sol, but I was delayed. Heh heh..... I've seen these things before." I say, coming to a stop near the group. I tried to keep my mouth shut, but my mind was slipping again.
I keep watch on the Ghost as does a slightly wounded Reavis and a fully alert Jack. Korozain had proven himself, but this Ghost...something about them was off.
IC Jane: I eyed the ghost angrily and then replied to him snidley "And hello to you to." I say before thinking to myself Their is something off with this guy.
And you should talk. The one that is infested is worried about the Ghost. How ironic..... A reply came psionically. The voice that replied was the same as Omicron, but it seemed more focused, more controlled, rather than the approaching insane Ghost. The Ghost, however, was laughing maniacally again.
Just because your a monster on the outside doesn't mean your a monster on the inside..... I heard the voices of my brethren as many of them were looking around through my mind and seeing and hearing what was going on through me and I realized they were waiting for the lunatic to touch my mind so they could possibly attack and probe his.
You fool. The psionic voice replied simply.
Mecha, I feel this is a good time to point out that Omnicron is a she.
02/19/2013 06:53 PMPosted by Zarkun
Mecha, I feel this is a good time to point out that Omnicron is a she.

That was my plan, was swapping her gender.......But I guess I could do that now.
Summary? Thanks :)
Important parts, we rescued CR's person, Sol, and we met Jester's, Omnicron.
Awesome, where is William?
Thane, I take it you're Markus?
Yes he is.
Sounds of the Swarm swept over my mind in fury! My mind going crazy as my anger flared higher. Yet no sounds of them could be heard around us. The pain was to much. Digging deeper and deeper into my skull, blood oozing down my hair and onto the metal flooring, the scent wafting throughout the air.
Reavis picks up Sol and I beckon. "Let's keep moving forward. We're wasting time."
IC James"Yeah, good idea. I don't want to get eaten or worse" I say as I start walking all the while petting Trogdar.

"Heheh, lets go! I hear them coming, and she" I point to the infested "is showing them everything."

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