The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"Well sh!t. How did we not see that? Oh, right. Bickering..."
CR, the girl is in the hall within sight of me.
Well I did a different one.... Just because you went ahead without me.... And because I couldn't do anything with the one you have with you.
Ah, ok.

IC: I hear the voice over the Radio and shake my head. "That's too easy...where'd she even get the radio?"
"I'm not sure. As a quote from a wise alien...

ITS A TRAP! No, no but we should check it out."
"If you feel we should. Some one should take this one to the bridge though." I point to the resting girl on the ground.
IC James: "Jesus how many damsels in distress are their!!"
Ummmmmm guy??????
"Don't care, but Korozain and I will investigate this one. The rest of you get to the bridge."
I nod and slowly get up and put my mask back on.

"Lets go."
IC James: "Uhhhhh why are we heading for the bridge anyways????"
"We already answered that question. Try to get some info on what happened, and get the ship schems to see what we can take to get out of here, and how to get there. Also see if any of the officers are still alive."
"Wait, so you mean I get to go with her?" William asked, pointing at the mutated freak next to him.
"We already know what happened why do we need to find out what happend, these abominations trashed the ship, and you guys came from the hanger so you guys should know the way back!!!!!" I see Jane giving me the "I will gut you and beat you to death with your intestines look" and I quickly mumble "Sorry."
"We don't know EXACTLY what happened, or what these things are. Also, like I said. The Officers may or may not be alive, and they could have something of value.

Like information."
"Wait, so how many of us are going to the bridge?" William asked, looking at the group.
"Jake and I are going to see who this "Radio Chick" is, the rest of you go to the bridge. We'll catch up eventually." I chamber a round into my rifle, and change my scope optics to 2x and Infrared.
"We'll be torn apart! How much farther is the bridge?"
I point to a sign that said Bridge and then pointed to a set of doors. "Answer your question?" I turn and head towards the supplied coordinates.

OOC: Jake is my main Koro.
William watched as Jake walked away. He then looked back at the door and swore. He slowly began inching towards it. His hands began to tremble as he got closer and closer. He tried to steady them but to no avail. He looked back several times to see if the others were watching his back. Eventually he was too close to the door to look back. He feared that if he turned his eyes for one second it might burst open and more of them would come out.

When he finally got to the control panel he rested his hand on the button for several seconds. Half of him wanted to wait for his companions to prepare for whatever was beyond the door. The other half wanted him to open it now and see for himself. With a deep breath, William pushed the button. William pushed his back against the wall and kept his weapon level, fully expecting to be torn apart the next second. He was slightly okay with that. He wanted to wake from this nightmare, but was too afraid it was reality to kill himself.

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