The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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Reavis picks up the girl and chuckles. Jack clears the bridge of creep and cocoons and walks in. "See? Nothing to worry about."
"Right, sure, glad you think that." William says, still uneasy. He walks in and gapes while looking around the giant room.
A corpse falls down from the ceiling in front of William, and on the ceiling you see a snake-like with large antenna at its head and a somewhat scorpion-like tail creature hanging above.
William jumped back and screamed at the body, only to slowly look up and see the snake-like creature. Letting out a war-cry, he aimed his weapon up and repetitively pulled the trigger several times.
Reavis turned and looked up, staring at what he saw. "What the hell is that?!"
"It's not dying!" William replied, firing three precision shot's at whatever target it leaved for him.
Wow, thanks for one-shotting a defiler, I'm going to give you something worse now.

(No, I don't give a !@#$ that this is Brood War era, nothing says they didnt exist at this time)
OOC: He did it, not me! I was just playing along, what was I suppose to do? I did put like... ten rounds in it if it makes you feel better.
You said snake like, I thought it was a Hydra. My mistake.
I Dont care. it still died, so you will all pay. DM inc like 5-10 min. Takin out trash
*Glares at Zarkun*

:P Just kidding, I don't mind nor care :D
I can edit it out. You made the mistake of describing them both almost identically. Maybe you should include the "Scorpion tail" bit.
Sure. I don't want to release a horde of Hydralisks on you anyways.
There, edited.
Mark, edit your post.
Edited :)
It unleashes a cloud of gas and slithers away among the unclear smoke.
I believe the cloud was orange...


William searched the roof for the beast, but found nothing. "Damn thing got away!" William coughed, walking away from the smoke.
A crewmember walks through, his eyes are blank, his skin is covered in rashes and defects and puss-filled pockets. He isn't infected he's... Plagued...

"Help... Me..." He reaches out for the nearest person.
Reavis doesn't hesitate, firing a round to put the man out of his misery. "Don't touch him."

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