The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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William hesitates. Anxiety wells up within him. No matter how much air he breathes in it feels like he doesn't have enough oxygen. William leveled his handgun and pulled the trigger after the sights were aligned with his head.


Dang it!! Zarkun, !@#$ing ninja.
The pockets burst and a cry of a Zergling is heard at the end of the room.

The cloud soon disperses.
You can thank the military training Mark XD

IC: Reavis relaxes and Jack stands down. "Somebody seal the bridge."
Another cry is heard. Something is killing them?

The creature slithers down and tries to shoot something at Jack.
Jack lunges out of the way as Reavis fires his rifle, taking off the creature's tail.
William takes a few shots at definite targets, but for the most part finds refuge behind a few crates.
The creature tries to move away, bit it is helpless and is squirming around in a pool of its own blood.
The tail isn't that important. Is it?
(Yeah, thats why it cant move)
If I'd known that, I'd have shot a leg...
I didnt think they had legs. I mean... They're practically snakes.
I'd swear they had legs in game...
I am pretty sure they slithered. Defilers. Slithered. If not then they do here.
Well, ok then. What should I do then? Shoot it dead?
Examine it or kill it, your call.
Hmmmmm....Why would a military man want to examine it...I'll shoot it, but not until Mark posts.
Okay. *Starts playing with fingers*
William peeks over the crates a few times to survey the battle taking place. He wasn't a military man nor did he pretend to be. Even if he was a security guard, he wasn't trained for this. What were these things? How dangerous were they? William didn't know and the others did, he's no use to anybody if he goes out and dies.

OOC: Sorry, didn't realize you guys were waiting on me! :S
Reavis, noticing that William was going to hide the whole time, walks up and places his boot on the squirming creature, placing the barrel of his gun to it's head and pulls the trigger, killing it. I look at Korozain. "How you feeling?"
William heard the last shot fired by Reavis and emerged from his hiding spot. "Nice shot." He said, walking over to the captain's console.

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