The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"You could have done it yourself."
"Wasn't the point, besides, I don't have armor or a big gun." He says, gesturing to your gun. William walked over to the Captain's console and sees...
"I'm alive... Lets just go find that person and get the hell out of here. I don't like this voice in my head."

I say "this" as if it is a specific voice I do not like, rather than voices in general.
A decomposing body, the flesh seems to be breaking down and turning into that purple goo shat and its all over the console.
William almost dug his hands into the crap on accident, but stopped himself, "Whoa, that's some nasty !@#$." He says, going to the next console.
There is a clean console over by the wall, it seems to still be operational.
"Just give me a second, maybe I can..." William trails off as he nears the console.
There is a game on.

Starcraft II: The Trilogy.
OOC: Are you trollin? You better be trollin... If not... I guess there's nothing I can do about it and my response is below.

"What the-?" William tries to access some sort of menu to quit the game.
I nod. "Can't blame you there. How much further do you think?"
I hold my head.


Give in... Give in... GIVE IN!
A woman was weeping, trying to hide under the mound of bodies that were killed by the beasts.... Abyss was one of those bodies... What an interesting ambush.
I walk in the room and look at the bodies and shake my head. "Either this is a trap, or some one has a sick sense of humor, because those things don't stack bodies."
"Sick? This is hilarious! No, but you do have a point, this isn't regular." I say, taking out my SMG and blade.
That's when they heard a whisper coming from underneath the bodies. "Is someone here?" Not sure if the monsters were around.
Koro, don't forget about mee :)
The console has a folder named [Classified Files] and needs a password to access it.

IC: "You here that? I think that's radio woman."
I look at Korozain and then the bodies. "This is too someone wanted her to be found..."
The woman heard voices and sunk lower in bodies.... She hadn't really lied to them on the radio either. But she was scared that she didn't add all the truth.
"Yep. Come out now, and I won't destroy your mind. Or rip off your arms... Or... No wait, I'll still do that."

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