The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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William frowned when he saw the requirement for a password, "Anyone know the password? He asked the dead monster that Reavis had put a bullet in. "Didn't think so." He said with a sigh before walking away.

"Guys?" He called, realizing he was alone. Oh !#@$ "Guys!?" He yelled louder, spinning in circles. William was almost panicked now.
Uh, Mark, we're no where near you right now, remember?
I thought you were one room away. Is one room too far to shout?
We're more than one room.

I made the edit =D

By the way, Zarkun, you are needed in OotFP. I don't know why but it seems our little plot is the only one that survived.
Reavis looked up, as well as Jack, who had clearly been taking a nap. "What you want?
The woman was scared, she heard the man threatening... Hopefully it wasn't to her. Shrugging off a body she stood up. "I just want to get out of here. I hid from those monsters." She said in a low voice as to not attract any unwanted attention. "They have excellent hearing it seems like."
I bring up my rifle, watching the stack. "Come on out and we'll take you to the bridge."
I step in to guide her out. Keeping my blade in hand, and putting my gun in its holster.
OOC: No, you're not. You're with everyone else.
Were is everyone else???
You're all on the Bridge with Reavis and Jack. Korozain and Jake are with Radio Girl.
IC Jane: "We need to be cautious about the scorpion creatures, I am unable to learn their name but I do know that their they are the reason that man was all blistered, its some sort of disease they spew over a wide area and that cloud slows projectiles down so they are like toy darts. I think its eating the little ones so it could spewmore of the gunk as it only can sustain its assault for so long before it needs to reproduce its bioweapons." I warn them as I tap my clawed feet on the creep covered floor.
"No sh!t, girly." Reavis shook his head and went over to the main console, trying to get communications going. "Damnit, we've no communications."
IC James: "Shouldn't we just head to the hanger and get a transport, also whatabout the ships you guys came in, shouldn't be that hard considering you guys burn those bugs to a crisp."
"We are to secure any and all survivors before returning to the transports and exfiltrating the ship for nuking." Reavis shook his head. "We'll be here awhile."
IC Jane: I laugh "Every second the Swarm converts or slaughters more and more survivors so unless they have found a small fortress in here and are as tough as you guys they are dead."
Reavis slams the infected woman into the wall after clearing the space between them very quickly. "We lost a lot of men to those things. Myself, Jack and First Sergeant Jake Hunter are all that's left of Sparta's Ghosts despite being 'tough.' Tough isn't why we're even alive. It's luck." Dropping her, he returns to to working with the Console and Jack chuckles.

"You should think before speakin', other wise Reavis here'll rip ya a new one."
Sorry..... I was out of the count do to.... Problems.

IC: A body was stirring from the dead, he rose from them until he was looking at them with full attention.

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