The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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It wasn't hard to tell he was infected. "Go to hell." I open fire, aiming for anything that might kill him.
I fire a burst at it then try to help the woman get out.
In a flash of a carapace, a bone like blade flung from this infected arm. Impaling the woman in the abdomen. Destroying the inside as she dropped to the floor. Abyss took many bullets.... His left arm fell as the barrage of bullets came after him. Spotting a vent he jumped through it.
I walk over to the vent, holstering the assault rifle and pulling out the plasma one and sticking the barrel in the vent. "Enjoy the afterlife." I fire a round, hoping it hit him. Turning around, I beckon to Korozain. "She's dead. Let's go."
"God damn it. This was a waste of time, now we got a p!ssed off Super-Zed running around... Lets go to the bridge."

DM: @Markus You try to open the file, and find out that the password is 10 characters long.
"Better to have wasted the time to find out more about our enemy than ignored it and learned nothing."
William swears, "Anybody know the password?" He asked loudly, mostly to his imaginary friends.
"True." Later we make it back to the bridge with no resistance.

"Anything you guys find in here?"
"I need a password, it's ten characters. Any ideas?"
A crash is heard in a corner. "The f*c..." A man with an Admiral uniform comes out holding his hands up.

"A-Are you the rescue team?"
I step forward with Reavis and Jack right behind me. "We're what's left sir. These things made short work of my unit."
He curses under his breath. I'm not relieved to see him. "We found this file, do you know the password?"

He looks at me, "You shouldn't be snooping around like that!"

I take my mask off. "Don't make me do what a Ghost does..."

He looks away, then I try to temp him but he thinks of something else, but not quickly enough.

"It's a date, interesting. Your birthday? No to obvious. You are a married man... Anniversary?"

"I'll never tell you..."

I chuckle and put my mask back up. "Could you do me a favor, roughen him up. Never liked this admiral. I swear. The things he made me do on the planets surface makes me think he didn't want me to come back..."
"Sir, if it's information pertaining to our getting of this heap alive, then I have to demand you tell us the password. Otherwise, I'm allowed to authorize Korozain to rip your mind apart for the answers."
"You scum... That's information that doesn't concern you."

I am in the back sharpening a bone with my knife and I say "You better convince him or he won't be feeling too good and I can recreate the carnage of these beasts any time I want."

He shivers at the thought, "O-Okay. I'll tell you what is in it... Inside the file is data that regards the logs of the Officers here. Their lives and what they did, everything."

"Stop lying. If your mind didn't tell me I think your quivering voice would have..." I manage to pry a skull from a dead crewman. The snapping and tearing is very audible.

"One more chance buddy..."
"Sir, I'm giving you a chance to tell us without resorting to the Ghost. Under any other circumstance, your rank would be superior, but as the Rescue team, we have power over you, and if you keep lying, I'll beat you before the Ghost ever touches your mind."
"I love your ignorance. Wanting to touch a Confederate officer! I will be sure you end up in the lowest pits of New Folsom!" I says and spits in his face.
The spit contacts my visor and I shake my head, holstering my rifle. "A Confederate officer who refused to comply with orders given by the leader of the rescue team. Sorry, sir, but this is necessary." My armored right fist connects with his gut, knocking the wind from him, as my left hook catches the side of his face. My knee proceeds to connect with his 'boys', ensuring he would have trouble having children as I deliver a right hook to his kidneys. "Now, are you gonna cooperate? And don't bother with New Folsom, Family Lark will enjoy knowing that I beat you for ignoring my orders."
"Alright, move out of the way."

I try teeping his mind again.

8th anniversary....Date of... Killing wife...

I start busting out and laughing.

"You called us scum!? And you killed your wife as an anniversary present! HA!"

I slash his face with the sharpened bone. Then put the skull to his face, and move the jaw as it "Talks"

"You killed me Joshua. Why? WHY!?" I smash it in his face until it breaks. Sadly it decomposed a bit faster so it broke easily. Still the shattered pieces lie in his face.

A device falls off of his head as I punch him. "Ah a psi screen. No wonder. Now I'll make you more brain-dead than a Braxis potato!"
I assault his mind, not for information, just to destroy it. I get the password, "09/27/2488".

I then initiate the painful process of crushing his mind. He screams and tries to push back, but he just goes limp after a while of my staring at him. His eyes bleed and so do his ears and nose. He isn't dead yet. I stab him in the throat with the bone, then hold his face and start crushing it with my hand, my mind giving me more strength the crush it in my single hand.

"You f*ck with Death, you get the scythe..." I say Death, the same way I would say "me"
I shake my head, drawing my rifle again and looking towards the door. "There's such a thing as too far, Korozain, and that was it."
I sigh. "Maybe. But its my way of telling him that he can't escape his sins. Neither can I but at least I'm not arrogant enough to think I can." I say walking to the console and typing the password in.

Files come up about the Xenos. I click on a file labeled [Keter Subject]: 1182.

There is a picture of a "Serpent" in a cage. This one is... Bigger...

Subjects show signs of high intelligence, leadership and combat efficiency. Much like the Hydralisk but this... This one is better, its coding is... "Pure". Must remain shackled, sedated and kept in class-5 protocol for further research.

"Guys. Apparently these things are called the "Zerg"... And there's one running around thats apparently even nastier than the Serpents, which are apparently called "Hydralisks". This wasn't a regular assed mining ship... It was a research station. They knew about this, "Zerg" and sent us in as lambs to draw out the wolves..."

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