The Outbreak: Revived (Part II)

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"Look, kid. If you have yet to understand the life we live? So be it. But don't talk about something you don't fully understand. The Ghost program, it's an experience. Hell, if I wasn't already f*cked up in the head, I'd probably KOS'd all of you and got the hell out myself after planting charges in the reactor to make sure the Zerg don't reach the Confederacy. You want to hear a !@#$ed up joke?

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"You're not speaking the truth, you're speaking based on instinct. The truth of the matter is that he was tortured, Korozain delivered a punishment." I turn to Korozain. "However, I can't abide that you did that. If you were going to kill him, why waste the time getting information if he's a dead man anyways? But, one more word of decent from any one, and I'll put you down myself, because you'll just get the attention of the Zerg, and I'd like to see my family again."
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"From now on, we act like humans, not executioners, agreed?" William proposed, mostly to Korozain.
OOC: Would my chars have witnessed you guys torturing the admiral.
Sol's body was being dragged farther and farther towards the reactor... A perfect environment for growth and prosperity. But in its tracks, a blood trail came from the stairs, leading anyone who followed it... To her.

Abyss grew tired and impatient... It failed... Killing them had failed.
"I lost my humanity long ago my friend, and I won't make a promise that I cant keep..." I lower my head, and walk outside.
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William looked at Jake to try and read his feelings on recent events.
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"We'll do what it takes to get you home. This isn't just about survival, it's a war zone now."
William agreed in silence. He was going to lead the way, but quickly found he didn't know where to go.

"Let's hope the war doesn't destroy the very thing that makes us human." He remarked, waiting for someone to step up and lead. Even though Korozain was, in William's opinion, as bad as the zerg, there was no doubt in William's mind that if they would live this, it would be because of him.
William, good kid. I hope he doesn't become like me after this...

Being me is a curse as it is a blessing. I kill with no remorse. But, I am shunned. I am no longer human. And working with others is impossible almost. Why... Why could I not have to choose disgusting wealth, or disturbing criminal insanity...

I sigh as I think. "Life, God's most f*cked up joke..." I say leading us to the Engine Room.
IC Jane: As the word "Zerg" comes from their lips I freeze up, it felt like some invisable barrier had been broken, like I went from a demo to full as names floated around, the voices had grown clearer and I was no longer afraid of them and I enjoyed it, I was able to fully view my brethrens actions as they had been able to view mine for some time. I saw a Hydralisk scarfing down a bloody limb and then I flitted to a few Zerglings. A lot of the voices said "Not a failed rebirth but an experiment..experiment." and "We will tesssssst youuu". My mind was starting to try to categorize all the new data I had recieved.
William opened his mouth to protest to Korozain's obvious lack of knowledge in the subject, but decided against it. Now was not the time, nor the place. So he decided to follow him in silence.
Shaking my head, I take point again, sweeping for enemies. "Man, what a day..."
Something skitters along near the floor vents.
Sol awoke to find herself in a sticky situation, quite literally. Some kind of goop was clinging onto the fabric of the suit and creeping slowly. She was startled, this is the first time she had ever been this close to them in her entire life... Cocoons with the living still in them, slowly changing into monstrosities. "HEL-" Those were Sol's last words as the goop finally reached her face and covered it all up.
I level my rifle with it. "Hell not again."
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