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01/19/2013 07:17 PMPosted by Zarkun
A pirate used a Cerebrate that he created to control a brood.

Said Pirate turned to a Cerebrate methinks. Don't think that was canon either way. Carpenter's Brood was it?
I'm unable to connect as well, thank god that isn't just me.
01/19/2013 07:20 PMPosted by smylez
Carpenter's Brood was it?

Yes. He used a cerebrate because the details were to kill him and the cerebrate.
01/19/2013 07:17 PMPosted by Zarkun
You clearly didn't hear me last time. The Zerg mercs, NEVER HAPPENED. A pirate used a Cerebrate that he created to control a brood. It's extremely simple. Zerg mercs won't work because of the other races. Even TC said using the Zerg was a bad idea.

No i meant keeping the whole command aspect. I ditched the mercs idea and had it to be a classic 3 way battle................ HERP DERP

EDIT: The Pirate and Carpenters Brood are different stories *face kitten* Am I the only one who reads up on starcraft.....
You weren't very clear in your description of it. Sorry.
"Mecha, please use proper spelling, all the time. Half the time I get a headache deciphering what you say. Also, try to use proper grammar where you sometimes fail. One such failure is as follows:
01/19/2013 07:30 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
No i meant keeping the whole command aspect.
I seriously need to read that but... To busy with R.A. Salvatore and laziness, and writing my story, and just pure laziness. I dont know what it is about the Starcraft Forums, the look of it makes me not want to read walls of text XD

I'll get to it eventually.
I here you; I might jsut insert a Damn download for Word Perfect instead, and make it all perrty with the colours of the text and pages. The Forum layout for pages is indeed a bit bleh... would it be cool, if the player could change the background to a prefered race? Terran, Zerg, Protoss, or Random... or something like that. That might be nice. The blue thing is kind of putrid.
Yeah. That would be friggin awesome. And have better Font options.
That too... make it so that you can also center words or make them full as well, instead of all set to left. If only I knew how the code block worked on this. Other forums seemed simpler when it came to setting up things such as colour and such. Aw well.

I still like the forum, though.
Yep. *Takes a sip of random Mtn Dew: Code Red can*
Ya *takes a wift of his green tea, lemon flavoured, from his mug. Goes off to refill, before he writes.*
"I think I'll start working on mine as well."
The ssssswarm is unpleassssed with thesssse ideasssss....
01/21/2013 02:07 AMPosted by Swarm
The ssssswarm is unpleassssed with thesssse ideasssss....

Objection noted.

Let the creative process continue unimpeded.
I just realized... My 2 RP's have been based off of survival...

I really want too see something like Dacders "Politics and Peoples" Again. In my opinion, that was a great RP.
A rework of SS would be nice. however make sure to put limits on the custom races. what I made for the Mozan is a good-ish template strong but no where near 'Immovable Object/Unstoppable Force' strong. Hmm I should do more work on the Mozan when I get some motivation/time to do so.
See someone agrees!!!!!!!!! I made an improved Cat Race that is actually serious!!!
Mecha, I don't think custom races would be in that one.

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