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01/21/2013 06:29 PMPosted by darkra
and this might sound cheesy but if my parents find out i'm F***ed
What? This is riddled with "What?".
well my parents don't like me having accounts. when they do allow it its like once in a blue moon. the only thing i have is an email and well this.
That is.... Weird?
how so? care to elaborate?
DA is not a bad thing. You know all of us, so you'll be fine.
yes yes but my parents for some reason thinks the Internet is like poison for your mind and making accounts on stuff just distracts you from school (eye roll). it took me years of begging for my parents to get me Sc2
Well, DA is actually constructive. At least, that's all they need to know. Lots of art students have accounts there.
My brothers going to an Art Institute College and he has a deviantart. He has some nice things.

I got one. I hand-drew something that I need to get on the computer and refine/color. But I just decided to post it there to post it there.
01/21/2013 04:58 PMPosted by Swarm

Swarm, unless you have something productive to add, remain silent. Idiocy is something we need less of, not more.

A rework of SS would be nice. however make sure to put limits on the custom races. what I made for the Mozan is a good-ish template strong but no where near 'Immovable Object/Unstoppable Force' strong. Hmm I should do more work on the Mozan when I get some motivation/time to do so.

Let SS die, For Franks Sake. The custom races will start another flame war, and we don't need another. If we are starting it, then I swear upon the Changeling that it will go down in smoke and flames.
Zarkun i asked my parents and well no is no..... can we just jot ideas through email cause every time i ask about DA my parents go on a mad rant about why i can't have it
You use Chrome? Cause I can give you a way to do it without them knowing. However, as a fall back, it's blade_omnipitent@hotmail.com.
i know incognito window :P but naw. i'll use the mail. i'll send what i got so far shortly
I'll be watching.
oh Zark i sent you an email

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