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hello every one, i just payed for heart of the swarm via paypal and i got a email saying i can start the game and pre load it, but i started the game and i downloaded nothing. this is what it said:

"Please log into StarCraft® II prior to launch day to begin pre-installing content for Heart of the Swarm™.

If you do not have StarCraft® II installed, please visit the download page."

i both loged in to the starcraft 2 game and looked in the downloads page but the only thing there is the game client. this isnt a huge issue but id like to play the story as soon as it comes out, so any help would be great.
I have the same problem. I bought a physical copy of Wings of Libery and a digital copy of Heart of the Swarm. I don't see a straightforward way of preloading HotS from inside WoL.
well at least im not the only one. why is there so many problems with this game? i mean i was a player of the 1st starcraft in 1999, and i still like it to this day. they must not want my money that badly.

There is nothing to download at the moment. Once there is data available for download, there will probably be downloadable client available on the site.

I'm not aware when there will be a downloadable client available, but my guess is at least a couple of weeks prior to launch.
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ok thank you Dankorii, that makes sense, but its odd how how it says that in the email.

You're welcome, please feel free to post again if you have any other questions or problems.
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
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It's about a week before launch and there is still no download to be seen... =(

And I was looking forward to getting a head start on downloading/installing the game because I preordered
Just bought it, nothing happening yet. I have 2.04 of WoL...
6.00 GO of 2.0.4 Wol contains HotS, he is just inactive

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