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So I'll just make this short and sweet; Will a composition such as mass (to a degree) phoenix and oracles work in a high level PvZ game. In HotS I've been having a bit more trouble than the past using skytoss - possibly just because it's more common and the zergs are able to deal with it - but the voidray nerf actually has thrown me off my game quite a bit. It could be possibly to just incorporate colossus into my games, but if the zerg goes for many corruptors to deal with my air then the colos are screwed over anyways.

With their excellent damage vs light, I think once you get enough of them oracles can deal with hydras sufficiently. Perhaps the late game could be more like pho/ora/carrier/archon, but idk.

Only problem I see so far is that a good fungle could get rid of allllllllll my air units if i go with that composition.
Oracles aren't good units for a straight-up fight. Although they can dish out good DPS against Light units, they're very fragile. They also cost A LOT of Gas.

Your whole composition is very gas heavy. Carpet Fungals + Split Corruptors might prove to be an issue since Fungals can hit your Phoenix, Oracles and Interceptors. Corruptors also have good defensive measures against Phoenix and Carriers since they have innate 2 Armor... and good splits will mitigate Archon splash.
u die to spores and mass hydras, good zergs can scout it easily and hard counter
As an opener it might work, though like any unit comp, it's not really one that you can use against anything, you'll have to keep up on what your opponent is doing and react accordingly.
As a unit comp, Corruptors would annihilate Oracle/ Phoenix. The Void Ray is the only Protoss air unit that can trade with Corruptors profitably. Even if you had Archons, your Oracles and PHoenix would get run over too quickly, and then your Archons would be toast.

I always go pure Skytoss PvZ, and I open with FFE, 3 Stargate, and then take a third when I have 3 Void Rays, 3 Tempests, and the MsC. You should only make 3 Tempests to defend yourself in the early game when you're setting up your third. Your mid-late game composition should consist of 3 Carriers, the Tempests if they're still alive, and the rest of your army supply should be in Void Rays. Try to incorporate a Sentry or two for Guardian Shield and a few High Templar if your unit control is good enough. Defend all your expansions with a TON of Photon Cannons.

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