Any Protoss taskbar skins out there?

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So I've been looking for the better part of a week for a skin to set as my taskbar, yet I can't seem to find ANYTHING. So, I was wondering if you, my fellow Protoss players, had any/know where I can find one. It's really getting quite annoying, I've changed my start button, background, cursor, sounds, login screen, and desktop icons. All that's left in my Protoss desktop remake is the taskbar. My friend successfully completed his Zerg desktop, taskbar and all, so now I must outshine him with the might of the Protoss. So please, help.
Dumb question:

How did you change your Start button??


I also have a Protoss themed Windows 7, with Protoss cursor, Protoss sounds and Protoss backgrounds, but like you I don't have anything beyond a "gold-ish" colored window border and taskbar, but my Windows Start Button is still Vanilla.

I'd appreciate it so much if you could tell me how to change my Start button ♥
I used to change the text on the start button to say something besides "start" in windows xp. It involved using a hex editor on explorer.exe to alter the text from "start" to some other 5 letter word.

Some searching says the hack for windows 7 is similar.

You have to edit explorer.exe and change the bmp files for 6801.bmp, 6805.bmp, and 6809.bmp

I believe these are the size of the bmp files
6806 - 66 x 198
6807 - 81 x 243
6808 - 106 x 318

Here's instructions with a tool called Restorator to change it.

And my only warning zamara is that if you plan to attempt this make sure you make a backup copy of explorer.exe before attempting this.
If you screw it up to the point where explorer won't launch you can restore the original file using a live cd like knoppix
Start Button Editor:
Start Button:

Just download those two files, run the start button changer, and follow the instructions that are on the website
Hey thanks man, but the Protoss button one's download does not work. Any alternative?
01/24/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Zamara
Hey thanks man, but the Protoss button one's download does not work. Any alternative?

So it kept asking me to download the win7 theme installer or something. Just for you I downloaded it and ran it in a virtual machine. It did download the zip file. Not sure if you can trust the exe files or not, but the images are all in there.

Here's the zip file direct download off my home server:
Edit: since deleted from server

Let me know when you've downloaded it as I'll probably remove the link afterwards. (also anyone else that wants it in the meantime). Just comcast doesn't appreciate me hosting files for download :D
I'm a little nervous about hacking Win8 to get a Protoss start button (and I certainly can't do tha tto my work laptop!), but now you're making me really want a Protoss theme or at least a good wallpaper. Know of any publicly available?
Deviant art usually has some good stuff for wall papers and such
Thanks! I'll check it out.
Try going to the Games, Entertainment, and Technology Forums. You might find some more technologically informed people there who might know about changing the taskbar.
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I tried it and it could not find it...

I replaced @55 with donkey. I tried changing the - to a .

Nothing is working. Are you able to use something like rapidshare or anything like it?

Btw, many thanks ♥
Umm word filter. Like the movie

home server is just easier and I don't have a rapidshare account

Edit: watch as I get temp banned for trying to break the word filter to link my server lol
Hey wraith, thanks for the update - you can delete the secondary link now ♥


To understand the original one, replace wraithcube's "donkey" with the end part of "badass".

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