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I'm having difficulties making progress. Sometimes, I have some nice consistent wins and others, I get stomped 5 or 6 games in a row and it is frustrating. I'm looking to truly get better at this game as mainly a Zerg player (of course). Any tips would be appreciated. I do understand though if people are too busy for such thing. Tis' a busy world out there in the real life.


I have included some replays of my losses to maybe give some idea of where my skill or lack of skill is at. :/
I can't watch the replays right now, but remember that the matchmaking system is based off of your MMR and they try to keep you on a 50% win/loss ratio. So if you win like 4-5 in a row, it will probably start matching you up with better players for awhile to see if you're ready for promotion, or to even out your ratio.

Don't get discouraged, it's a sign that you're doing well where you are. Think of it as the game realizing that you need a Nerf.
I think I lost 10 games in a row for many occasions in the past, and I still enjoyed playing.

Nowadays I don't that many games in a row but, I guess its the matter of personal taste.

One advice I can give you is that, if you play zerg, as you are,

if you see opponent doing a strat you haven't encountered before, just acknowledge that you will most likely lose the game, (resist as hard as you can) but with mindset of winning on the next game (not losing to same person or strat, by having a brief thought of how to counter it before the next game, which is enough for the most of occasions )

Zerg race itself has very different mechanic compared other two (actually simple, its walling up.) so you will lose a lot, and it is natural.
I know how you feel beefy. I cant get any farther either. I dont buy the whole 50% ladder win rate either. Its supposed to be that way in theory but I dont buy it. Not after I got thrown against some dude in plat after losing 4 games in a row.
Thank you all, it's very much so appreciated. Well, here's to hoping I climb ye olden ladder today!
Hopefully by posting here I'll be able to find this later and review the replays.

In the meantime, check out:
01/24/2013 11:57 AMPosted by Sizzlor
I know how you feel beefy. I cant get any farther either. I dont buy the whole 50% ladder win rate either. Its supposed to be that way in theory but I dont buy it. Not after I got thrown against some dude in plat after losing 4 games in a row.

matchmaking system doesn't look at your last 4 games and say 'ok now for easy match'. it looks at your complete history and says 'okay now we will face him vs stronger/weaker opponent'. if you get faced vs stronger opponents and your winrate doesn't go down or plateau, you are going towards a promotion. the system is set up to reward improvement; there is no conspiracy.
01/24/2013 11:57 AMPosted by Sizzlor
I know how you feel beefy. I cant get any farther either. I dont buy the whole 50% ladder win rate either. Its supposed to be that way in theory but I dont buy it. Not after I got thrown against some dude in plat after losing 4 games in a row.

that guy in plat could be on a major losing streak also. you could even run into a masters player tanking his rating to farm portraits or just troll lowbies

if you are losing more than you win you are getting worse or deliberately losing. the more you lose the worse players you face
Improvement != Enjoyment. The more you improve the less you will enjoy the game.
Improvement != Enjoyment. The more you improve the less you will enjoy the game.

Yikes. That sure makes me want to play!
01/24/2013 08:02 AMPosted by DirtyD
Think of it as the game realizing that you need a Nerf.
i like this lol
01/25/2013 05:50 AMPosted by Kaz
Hopefully by posting here I'll be able to find this later and review the replays.

Thank you much :D and yes, reviewing the replays would be appreciated!
ZvT (vs Warchaos)

I didn't care much for this game, both you and your opponent do unorthodox builds, but since you posted it I'll go into detail.

You should open 15 hatch, 15 (or 16 pool) in all ZvT games unless they e-bay block your expansion. In this particular game, had you gone hatch first your pool would have finished about 10 seconds after the barracks finished. Your 2nd hatchery would also be finished, so you can produce zerglings from both sides. You could have pulled 1-3 drones after starting the pool to hit scv's when they cross over to the front. Kill the SCV's and his push is significantly delayed. Keep making him reposition scv's, and his barracks will come out about the same time as your pool.

Your opponent basically did an 11/11 build, without stopping at 11 supply, and waited until 400 minerals to start the barracks. It's not a good build and you will not see many players trying to block your ramp with barracks. Now if this were 2 bunkers attempting to block the ramp, it would make more sense.

I should mention Catz counter to 11/11, because it's relevant here. When you scouted a base with no barracks, it's obvious he's proxy raxing and will bunker rush. Catz likes to respond with a hatchery in the terran base. You can basically open 15 hatch, 16 pool, and throw down a roach warren and gas right after. In his version, he skips the queen at home, will make some initial zerglings to hold off the pressure, and 3 roaches at home. With good micro you will be able to produce additional roaches if needed before your 3 roaches die. You can keep them alive on creep, if they get too beat up, pull back to your drone line and chase the marines out with drones.

By doing a proxy hatchery rush, terran is limited to 2 things, both of which are bad. 1) They pull SCV's and kill your hatchery. The bunker pressure falls flat because they can't constantly produce marines. 2) they send marines home. Since your larva at home was only spent on a few lings and a couple roaches, your free to drone and will have a superior economy.

Since no hatch first was done, and you were contained, it would be best to go the route of a spine crawler to break the wall. By the time you break out, the amount of larva you spent on zerglings could have easily gone to drones and your economy would be double that of Terran's.

After breaking the contain, you killed 2 barracks. It would be best to play macro oriented. They are down a significant amount of money, and your lings scouted no expansion, so you know your roughly equal, or ahead economically. Since your 2nd base goes down, it would be a good idea to drone heavily and saturate it, while taking a 3rd base. By attacking instead of droning, your catering to the SCV's that can repair, and giving terran a chance to get back into the game.

Handling drops: The best way to deal with drops is to spread overlords out around the map. Particularly in places that can't be hit by ground forces. By spreading overlords out you significantly increase the time you have to react to the drop. Had you known the drop was coming, the zerglings that were recently made could have defended with minimal damage.

Infestor production: Don't start producing infestors until pathogen glads is 31 seconds into completion. If you wait for pathogen glands to hit 31 seconds, your infestors will be able to fungle growth when finished, rather than waiting on energy. It is quicker to wait for pathogen glands than to let the energy build up.

All things considered, you were still in a decent position until you threw away your army trying to attack up the ramp. Most of your army was zerglings and the opponent had a wall. Trying to kill a wall and an army with zerglings when you have a low surface area is a bad idea. Either make banelings, or back off and wait for him to move out. By attacking up the ramp you made it safe for him to take his natural expansion and put yourself at a significant disadvantage because he has an army and you don't.

Your money stockpiled when you could have been expanding. Think beyond the small picture, the game of zerg is about how quickly you can make it to 5 bases. 5 bases will give you all the gas you need to power infestors, broodlords, ultras, and/or banes. Platinum players are typically thinking about taking their 3rd base. Diamond is looking for a quicker 4th, and masters is trying to figure out just how early they can sneak in a 5th base. There are many things that separate leagues, however I have noticed that higher league players consistently take their expansions faster.

Your death ultimately came from lack of scouting and production issues. Ironic because it's the only time your scouting failed you. You had 20 larva when he moved out, but didn't know about it or attempt to spend the larva until he was attacking. 20 larva is a lot to be sitting on, especially when your not maxed and have the money to use it.
ZvP (vs insomniak)

This is another game with unorthodox builds, but it works out to your advantage because your opponent didn't wall.

Against protoss, it's usually best to delay zergling speed until 6+ minutes into the game. The proper protoss setup is to build a wall with a zealot for the door, or to expand with a forge and make a wall with cannons behind it. Either way, higher mobility with zerglings will not help you be aggressive, and if protoss expands they won't have a large army until midgame. If your opponent plays on 1 base, you should grab gas at 18 or 20 supply after expanding.

Given that your opponent didn't wall, you could have opened 15 hatch, 16 gas 16 pool. When your queens are out, make your first larva injection into zerglings and run them across the map. Your speedlings are fast enough to avoid fighting zealots, and counter stalkers. You could do significant economic damage with good micro. There's a reason protoss players wall.

At roughly 6 minutes in, you pull back all your scouts and move your overlord back across the map. The correct position for the overlord is over the gap of air by the expansion. Try to hang out far enough to see a nexus start, but not far enough that you'll attract unwanted attention.

IF they haven't expanded 6 minutes in, you can expect an all in and should be prepaired for it. Identifying what all in they are doing will help significantly, and you may want to sack an overlord if your unable to figure it out with a zergling. Standard defense against an all in would be 3 spines and an evo. Roughly 7 minutes in, start a spore crawler if they haven't attacked.

Against a 4 gate, it's very important that you spread creep out a little ways so your spine crawlers can be past the ramp to your natural. If protoss is able to land forcefields on that ramp, the game is over. Good spine positioning would allow them to hit units as they come up the ramp to the natural. Remember those units can't see up the ramp, so any damage you do while they are moving in range is free damage. Your spines were a bit far back, which gave you some issues microing your army. Your opponent was able to hit units and draw out small portions of your army. With good spine positioning this won't happen.

A good 4 gate will hit at 5:30. It's rare to see one pulled off that crisp because the players who are able to do it have moved on to sentry immortal all in. Your biggest issue was your economy being too low. Protoss had a superior economy when they attacked. Because you felt threatened, you kept making combat units and time favored the enemy. Making combat units is required, so the correct thing to do is go back and see where we can squeeze out additional drones. Changing your gas timing would help significantly. If your getting early gas, you need to be able to do damage, otherwise you should hold off until after your 2nd base is started.


There are 2 replays that are the same, so this is all I can do for reviews.

If you have any questions or need another review, feel free to ask.
Okay, after 2 games against the same guy... I don't know what to do. I noticed he's a plat player who tanked his rating which isn't helping me learn. I've lost to 2 port banshees twice and I'll be honest, it is becoming extremely frustrating :/
Against a 1 base terran you should sack an overlord around 6 minutes to figure out what's going on.

Against 2 port banshee, it's basically an all in. Respond with extra queens and spines, along with mutalisks. Don't take a 3rd base until you've delt with the banshees.

The problem with 2 port banshees is that they kill stuff fast. They can show up and poke around, and you can show them out with queens and spores, but those are all defensive units and eventually they get too many banshees and start killing queens in 1-2 volleys. That is why you NEED mutalisks. I'm also a fan of picking up overlord speed so your overseers can fly faster than banshees and catch up to them.
Zerg is the easiest race to lose with. But I found the race comes down to knowing when to devote all your larva to drones or not. It requires the greatest game knowledge and map awareness to pull off.

But it is the most satisfying.

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