Absence of Oracles from HotS preview video

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I am referring to this video:


The section "New Multiplayer Strategies" does not include the Oracle. Is it being cut out of the game?

Frankly, I feel they were really getting there in terms of balance for the Oracle. It would be sad to see it go away.

I do not have beta access, and that is why I am posting it here. Please let me know if this is being deleted for being in the wrong sub-forum.
That video didn't showcase every single unit being added into the beta. Don't worry, the Oracle isn't going to get cut.
Might be because Oracles are still a Work-In-Progress unit as it is still not seeing a perfect fit, and is kinda all-or-nothing... Either you do significant early damage if the guy is unprepared, then cannot do any damage at all later because 1 turret kills 2 oracles, or you never do any damage at all because the guy was prepared, and you die shortly after due to you having wasted 300-450 gas on 0 damage = you have no army.

Most likely reason: Oracle is still being re-worked before release.

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