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I am wondering if Energize needs to make a comeback.
Many of our units NEED energy, or become pretty much useless.

MSC, sentries, oracle, HTs, phoenix, mothership have good potential, but that potential can get shut down hard. We could opt for non-caster units to fill the same roles (collo/stalker/zealot), but we know that gets crushed when you add viking to MMM, or corruptors to BL+Infestor+"X".. Casters are a necessity.

Of course the overall goal is to mix and match and all goes well. My concern is that these, expensive, but essential support units become flat tires and protoss simply struggle to execute follow-ups because the investment gave little return.

Zerg can feign engagements enumerable times over, often causing protoss to waste energy.
Terran can do the same, with their high mobility army they dodge storms, wiggle out of forcefield, and of course, EMP.

If protoss efficiency comes out of using units that rely on energy, then maybe there should be some way to stabilize the usefulness of these units.

OldSchool Energize? New energize as late game upgrade? something like this http://i47.tinypic.com/160uau.jpg ?


TLDR: Protoss is a gimmick race which relies on energy for vital abilities. Should Energize be re-introduced (in different form)?
I could see it as either a late-game upgrade or a "defender's advantage" thing. Casters of other races need energy, too, and we do have Feedback, but it can be difficult sometimes not to waste energy vs the mobile armies of Zerg and Terran.

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