Which computer would run SC2 better?

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Hello there. I am trying to find the best computer to run SC2 and a few other games. I have narrowed my choices between these two desktops. Which one is better?

CybertronPC: Fortress IV

Microtel Computer: TI908
They are almost even

But I would go with the Microtel Computer® TI9081

Reason being Nvidia cards seem to perform better than AMD due to better driver support.

And also The core i7 seems like a far better bet since my Phenom II X2 is trash and I will never again buy AMD

The radeon 7850 however is better than the GTX 550 but I suspect the i7 will make up for the loss and SC2 seems to be a CPU intensive game last I read about it.

There was significant difference going from a core i3 to a core i7

And that AMD CPU is worse than a core i3

Hope that helps. I am a noob at SC2 though, and doubt I will ever be good at RTS.
Would you be interested in buying a custom built computer?

I could provide you own and it would be roughly in between those two and I could sell it to you for $950.
Baw. It seems that my budget has been lowered by a lot. Perhaps this computer could run SC2 pretty good?


I don't know if I can afford your computer at the moment; I'm broke. :(
How much can you pay than?
I'll know how much soon, but it will be less than $800.
The PC is not available, and for $800, you can build a MUCH better system. Why not give this guide a read:

If you're still deciding on what computer to get, I suggest giving this site a look: www.logicalincrements.com, as it lists down specific parts on a specific budget.

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