Mountain Lion vs. Windows 7 for running HotS

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Which do you think will run <3 of the Swarm better on a early 2011 Macbook Pro? Snow Leopard is my main OS, but since I'll have to run it on a separate partition anyway I might as well do it right.
Short answer, windows.
01/20/2013 12:57 PMPosted by GustavPicora
Short answer, windows.

Pretty much. windows is always going to have latest apis and drivers (assuming you actually install latest windows version and drivers)

OS X is still tied to opengl 3.2 and drivers that are often months behind or worse. couple that with mac team having to go extra hard to support old versions of OS X running on drivers 2-3 years out of date, it leaves things less than desirable too, when supporting old windows versions does not mean supporting old drivers (since they still get updated, unlike apple OSes).

That's not to say OS X won't run it fine on decent enough hardware. That's simply saying you'll almost always see higher fps on windows, and possibly even better rendering depending on driver improvements over the older OS X ones.
In a related question, will I be able to use my Mac install of Starcraft from my Windows partition (via bootcamp), or do I need to reinstall the game under Windows?
@Troyen The answer to that question is "no" you would need to do a new install/download for the windows partition as windows uses different files than OSX.

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