Out of the Frying Pan III

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Story Line

The Crew of The Occult, a titanic class frigate, find themselves in a strange predicament. Further investigation reveals that their current state is much worse then the one they scrapped themselves out of. Living in hostile conditions with untrustworthy companions makes for suspicion and hardship for the crew. Will they survive?

Story covered in OotFPII...

Jack, Bryant and Laura are still talking in the med-bay while Laura gets over her injuries.

Scott, Torvus and Actum are sent on a mission by the captain to activate the pumps on the ship to pump out the water on deck one and two. They reach the control room on deck two but find the power is out. Torvus and Actum leave Scott behind to repair the emergency power. Actum successfully repaired the missing power nodes, but is still repairing the conduit to get the emergency generator fully functional.

Eric and Dante "K" meet shortly after waking. They salvage supplies and run into a mysterious figure named "Blaze" They make acquaintanceship before he mysteriously evades their presence. While poking around Med-bay 2 they find little information on how the space-craft crashed. Shortly after that they go missing.
Name: Eric Strider
Age: 20
Profession: farmer, hunter, survivalist and a jack-of-all-trades.
Preferred Equipment: customized CMC armor + gear.
Backstory: Raised on a colony world farm, Eric grew up working the land and hunting for food in the outback. At the age of ten, he was taken by the Dominion military, with no explanation given.
Eight years later, Eric came home a changed man, a hardened ruthlessness having overshadowed the farmer's practicality of his roots. Unable to settle back down, he left seeking employment as a security guard abroad a starship...
Appearance: About six foot with dirty blond hair and gray-green eyes. Skinny but well muscled from years of work.
Personality: Usually quiet and withdrawn, Eric avoids talking about his past and anything overly personal.

Name: Torvus Sorven
Age: 25
Profession: Security officer
Preferred Equipment: Twin knives, Revolver, Assault rifle, Throwing knives, long sword
Backstory: Was a Wild Card in an Umojan rebellion that went down hill fast. Enlisted with the crew to start over.
Appearance: Dark brown hair, tall, skinny, but muscular build, blue eyes, wears leather armor and steel toed boots on the job, t-shirts and jeans off the job
Defining Characteristics: Diagonal scar on his chest and back.

Name: Bryant Giovanni
Age: 27
Profession: Medical Doctor, Plant/Animal Biologist
Preferred Equipment: Standardized Pistol, many different liquid filled Syringes, Medical Laser.
Backstory: (Remember that you will start unconscious. It is more then acceptable to not remember anything.)
Appearance: Vest, Dark Brown Wavy Hair, Hazel Eyes, Average Build yet Limber, Lab Coat.
Defining Characteristics: Wears a pair of glasses, dimples, entire right hand it scarred up

Name: Laura Ferri
Age: 20
Profession: Just Graduated young'n that wanted to go on an adventure went wrong.
Preferred Equipment: None, but does know how to use a bow and standard firearms.
Backstory: Graduated from high end school which taught them Archeology. It wasn't the money she wanted, but the experience of a lifetime. Studying old Earth mythologies and various plants and animals that had existed in many different era's. They had also been taught basic findings in a few various Xel'naga artifacts that had been first been recorded by Humanity and some sightings of Protoss Relics. Not much is known about these artifacts. But nonetheless, still a good lesson to learn about.
Appearance: Khaki Pants, Jungle Green Hoodie with a White T-Shirt underneath. Brown long hair is often tied back into a ponytail, rich green eyes, dimples, light build.
Defining Characteristics: No true combat training, just recreational activities. Resourceful. Will rely on instincts in dire situations. Never killed a man, or creature before.

Name:Dante Jack
Profession: Mercenary
Preferred Equipment: Melee weapons like blades, bludgeons and one handed pistols.
Backstory: Amnesia
Appearance: Dark hair, Red eyes, average build
Defining Characteristics: Bold, Kind, Charismatic

Name: Actum
Age: 25
Profession: Tech Specialist
Preferred Equipment: Personalized CMC-300 armor, Gauss Rifle, Pistol, Combat Knife
Backstory: Joined the dominion military at 18. He was trained to handle most of the tech that the Dominion has to offer. He floated through a number of different posts before being sent to his current post aboard a ship (Whatever the name of the ship is).
Appearance: Close cropped black hair, Light build, fiery red eyes, and 6’0”
Defining Characteristics: good sense of humor, Serious about his work.

Name: Dyvus
Age: Unspecified
Profession: ARCHIVIST
Preferred Equpment: Books and memories.
Bacstory: Be careful what you wish for.
Appearance: White hair, extremely blue eyes. Skin is grayish and he has several blue and white letters and symbols tattoed on his face and arms, and a large blue diamond on his back and a white one on his chest.
Defining characteristics: Eager but nervous to be out of the Library and in the Field again. Determined. Extremely logical. Loves to study. Good at analyzing the situation.

Name: Zolton
Age: 34
Profession: Hunter
Preferred Equipment: Tribal Weaponry
Appearance: Long black hair wrapped up into a ponytail and a lack of visible facial hair. A muscular build and tanned skin. His eyes are green and he wears very tough animal hides as clothing across his body. He has a shaman mask as well, but only for ceremonies.
Backstory: Zoltun was trained from birth to work the strange metal that was found in the mountains of his home. He trained with weapons and became a great hunter. He soon designed crossbows. Soon he rose to power as the leader of his tribe. His people believed in a god, called Rak'nashal. He slayed many and sacrificed many. He saw the falling star one day and Rak'nashal told him to go, and hunt the people of the fallen star. Now, as the leader of the Cetza.

Name: Not Known, Called Blaze
Age: Unknown, Voice suggests 30s or 40s
Profession: Warrior, Psionic
Preferred Equipment: Katana, Any Rifle
Appearance: Nothing is seen of his features. Complete body is covered by black cloak. His eyes seem to glow a soft teal at all times. He wears black gauntlets with a large claw at the end of each finger.
Backstory: He entered the ship at one point. The details are foggy, for the guards who found him always woke up hours later with no memory of the events. When the ship crashed Blaze smashed his head against a steel wall, causing massive memory loss. He still naturally knows his skills with weapons and how to read minds with his Psionics. The rest of his abilities with Psionics will be remembered with his memories.

Name: Nick Halden
Age: 27
Profession: Phantom
Preferred Equipment: Half Life 2 Pulse Rifle (Look it up) Sound dampening ghost armor
Backstory: Nick Halden was the founder of the phantom program. he was frozen in cryo and left the psi screen on by accident, erasing his memory.
he remembers the turn-on-each-other thing as an impulse reaction, but than than that only knows his name.
Appearance: Again, this guy: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/white-collar/images/19373200/title/neal-caffrey-photo
Defining Characteristics: Charismatic, loves a good fight, skeptical.

Name: Dante Konta
Age: 22
Profession: Craftsman/writer
Preferred Equipment: Any sort of blade(preferably a polearm or axe of some time). Some form of heavy armor.
Backstory: As a child, he always excelled academically, but socially he was accepted but noted to be the "Odd One". Now, just a "Simple" craftsman on Korhal who also participated in theatrical events every so often. He enjoys taking things apart and making things from nothing... Anything...
Appearance: Black spiked back hair (firm, but not stab-your-eye-out pointy) young, light tan skin, dark brown eyes, moderate muscle mass, moderate body size. Wears black jeans pants, and a black leather "Militia" Oriental Jacket. Asian descent.
Defining Characteristics: Witty, smart, crafty, improvises with almost any situation and makes quick decisions, "Awkward"... Known to talk to himself and be very alone, very outgoing and energetic. Mature, but a child at heart.
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Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful you are specifying OOC and IC at all, but is it too much to ask for you to just simply label it IC: and OOC:? It's a million times easier even for you!

Mark, people are going to do things you don't like. For the love of Gaia, stop trying to make them do what you do.

Okay, I know, but seriously. This is basic RPing stuff.
You also seem to be the only one who gets confused. We all know that his OOC's will generally address unmentioned details and or RPer's directly. Don't worry about it, and just roll.
Eh, whatever. Who are we waiting on? Actum just fixed the generator... So we are waiting on Morph and you... Mostly morph...
I finish reconnecting the conduit. I do a final inspection of the conduit and find that it is fine. I then go over to the switch and turn it back on. I then go over to the console as it boots back up.
"Yo, Actum, you done yet?"
ATTENTION: Emergency power rerouted.
ATTENTION: Main power generator offline. Currently running on emergency generator.

ATTENTION: Main routing damaged, please repair main router to return power to all systems.


[Push for main power diagnostics]

[Push for further emergency power commands]

[Log Out]
"Yeah almost ... I think." I press the main power diagnostics.
ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive.
ERROR: Camera visual not available, defensive systems offline.

Diagnostics: It appears that the generator is not functioning on any level. Generator is not on Stand-by mode, indicating 100% destruction. Please notify commanding officer and dock for a replacement.


ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, suggestion function is not available.

Likely fault:

ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, Likely fault function is not available

I hit the back button and then log out. I walk out of the generator room to Torvus. "All done." I look the new guy over. "Who are you?"
Everyone in the generator room can hear the pumps turn back on. Everyone outside the ship can see water splashing uncontrollably out of the surrounding swamp.
"He's a Gestalt, nothing more, nothing less."
"What the hell is a Gestalt? Wait never mind I don't want to know. So long as you don't give me a reason to hate you we should be fine." I turn back to Torvus. "Ready to go?"
I nod and have the Gestalt stand up. "Let's go. We'll head back to the life support chamber then back up to the bridge. How much is it gonna take to fix main power?"
"Not sure the AI support was offline so the damn thing didn't really give much info but i'm guessing a lot more than I can likely do on my own." I say as I start back towards the life support room.
I put the Gestalt in front of me and we follow. "That's probably true. There seemed to be a couple extra Techies on the bridge. That help?"
IC: as i walked through the halls i decide to head to the training hall

OOC: ok i have no idea what to do at this point XD. oh and Zark you might wanna check your mail

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