Out of the Frying Pan III

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Scott shivers at the thought of giant snakes and takes note of his surroundings.
I take a position right behind Torvus, my rifle up, targeting laser and my suits flood lights on. "Heh so lets just stay frosty and kill wild animals on sight." I say scanning for possible hostiles.
"Let's not push it that far. If it can be helped, don't kill them, but scare the livin' day light out of 'em."
"There." Scott pointed at a door that was covered in shadows.
Shining the flashlight, I beckon Actum forward. "You're a bit more armored than I am."
Anyone seen Morph?
I continue to wait, and to watch. Soon enough my purpose will become apparent.
OOC: sorry ... was having computer trouble and wasn't watching this.

IC: "Right" I raise my rifle and enter the room first scanning for hostiles.
Scott follows close behind, but instead of entering the room, he stays at the doorway and keeps watch for anyone following them.
IC I walk slowly into the room, looking around for anything that moves. "coast's clear" I yell back to the group.
I head in and notice a side door leading to an office, which was not only dark, but there was something staining the window. I approach it slowly.
Scott noticed Torvus slowly approaching the office. "That should be the chief's assistant's office." He remarked, keeping his gaze fixed on the hall they had came from.
"I know. I want to know what's splattered all over the window." Reaching it, I slowly push it open and shine my light in, only to back away, my rifle trained on the doorway. "Damn ocelots. I knew mama was here somewhere."
"Okay, so not so clear."
A low growl comes from the room and something can be heard flinging itself against the door. Something large. "Whatever we're going to do, we need to do it quick."
"open fire?"
"No, we'll just piss it off with how big it is."
OOC: ocelots aren't really that big.
IC: "and what would you suggest?"
I'm just calling them ocelots. Stop thinking so damn realistically XD

IC: "It can't get out the door, so we're fine."

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