Out of the Frying Pan III

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"So if we were trying to find out how whoever was in there died . . . Mission accomplished. but still . . . "
"We'll be fine. I'll keep an eye on the door and you guys get the power back up."
I put my rifle down and start working on getting the power back on line.
Through the eyes of the beast.

The life support worker continued to swim for his life... To no avail shall he win, nor will it be a victory so just... He never got the chance as the creature finally disappeared from view. But no before coming back up with a gaping jaw and swallowing the man whole as he screamed towards the enclosing abyss.


I slowly walked forward towards the bridge. I might as well get my orders I thought. "Such a drag...I wonder how stretched they are on man power?"


Bryant turned around to see me missing. "Damn girl... She can't wait five minutes so I can check up on how she's doing."
I ponder. Surely the people here will have some sort of orders for me. I doubt my employers would have planted me here without any sort of background information, as that would make me a suspicious character... well, more suspicious.
"Power coming back?"
"Give us some time Gestalt." I start trying to find what is wrong with the generator.
"okay, okay. I don't want that ocelot to find a way through the door"
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I start trying to find what is wrong with the generator.

Eventually, you find that the backup generator is offline for unknown reasons, but there is a console nearby.
I finish inspecting the generator itself finding nothing wrong as far as I could see. "Well that is strange." I go over to the console and turn it on.
ATTENTION: Main power generator offline. Currently running on emergency generator.

ATTENTION: Main routing damaged, please repair main router to return power to all systems.


[Push for main power diagnostics]

[Push for backup generator commands]

[Push for backup generator diagnostics]

[Log Out]
I push the button for generator diagnostics.
ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive.
ERROR: Camera visual not available, defensive systems offline.

Diagnostics: It appears the backup generator is locked by security clearance level four.


ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, suggestion function is not available.

Likely fault:

ERROR: AI assistance is not responsive, Likely fault function is not available

"How's it looking over there, Actum?" The pounding and clawing at the door had stopped, and now that it was quiet, that was almost worse.
"The generator is locked with security clearance 4 it seems." I sigh and hit the back button then go to generator commands.
"I take it the generator is F***ed up beyond repair"
"If he didn't fix it, it's probably fine. I'll radio the bridge to see if we can get the clearance." I flip on my radio, still watching the now silent room, and set it to the bridge channel. {Captain, we need security clearance 4 to get the generator back up.}
Password or keycard required:


[Enter code: _ _ _ _ _ ]

[Push for keycard analysis]


[Log Out]

Scott dug through his pockets, "Here, I think I have that clearance since I'm the chief life support officer." He said, throwing Actum a keycard on a necklace.
{Scratch that sir.} I listen for even breathing when I see the claws come through the vent above me. "Ah hell!" I leap to the side as the large ocelot look alike(For the picky on that) falls through. I turns and growls at me and begins circling me. "I'll keep it busy, finish what you're doing."

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