Out of the Frying Pan III

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"Mind if i help?" I say, readying the warp blades.
I catch the Keycard hit the keycard analysis button and swipe it. "Why don't you just put a bullet in its head?"
"I suggested that."
Access Granted!


[Activate Backup generators]


[Log off]
I activate the backup generator.
WARNING: Main routing damaged, Direct routing required.

Please select Emergency power routing:

-[ONLINE] Life Support systems

-[OFFLINE] Weapon systems (All offensive capabilities on the ship, rockets, bombs, missiles, Gauss turrets)

-[OFFLINE] Defense systems (All defensive capabilities Shields, air locks, cameras, blast doors and shields)

-[OFFLINE] System AI (An AI capable of managing and assessing every circumstance in nanoseconds.)

"Hey, mind turning on weapons/defenses systems for a bit?"
"Once we get the AI on we can repair the main routing. After that, we can have all the systems on." Scott answered Gastalt, still keeping watch on the doorway.
"I meant for the ocelot. Some automated laser defense drones or something might be nice."
"Oh, yeah." Scott nodded and shrugged at the same time.
"Is that a yes?"
"Ya know I'm really starting to dislike these things and by the pits of Tartarus just shoot the damn thing!" I press the button to boot the AI.
"I said defense . . . "
ATTENTION: Main power generator offline. Currently running on emergency and backup generator.

ATTENTION: Main routing damaged, please repair main router to return power to all systems.

ATTENTION: AI core online. Full functionality restored.


[Push for backup generator commands]

[Push for main power diagnostics]

[Push for backup generator diagnostics]

[Log Out]
"Oh shut up Gestalt who is the tech here? Me not you." I push main power diagnostics.
ERROR: Camera visual not available, defensive systems offline.

Diagnostics: It appears that the generator is not functioning on any level. Generator is not on Stand-by mode, indicating 100% destruction. Please notify commanding officer and dock for a replacement.


Due to the extensive security lock-downs, sabotage is a serious possibility.

40% chance of sabotage
35% chance of intentional overload
15% chance of incidental overload
10% chance of scrambler interference with scanners

Likely fault:

Diagnostic scans indicate the power core has been obliterated along with several conduits and power nodes. Main generator is totaled.

"Am I the only one who sees the ocelot?"
I frown and turn to look at Gestalt and the ocelot like animal. I walk over to the ocelot and slug it in the face. "Would you shut up and take some initiative. I'm trying to get something constructive done."
Damn it guys, that ocelot was my ticket to being AFK. Thanks for killing that. Recap.
Actum got the AI up and running, that's about it. The RP is going slow, as intended.

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