Out of the Frying Pan III

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Tell me no one has messed with the Ocelot. Please?

IC: "You two have no sense of fun or honor." I place the assault rifle on the ground and draw my sword, beginning to circle the Ocelot as it circles me. "Go report. I'll deal with this. Hank was a friend."
"Hank?" Scott asked, mentally questioning Torvus' decision to pull out a sword.
"Long story." The Ocelot lunges me and I roll beneath it, bringing up the sword and leaving a shallow cut on it's gut. "Met in a bar, saved each other's @sses a few times. He worked for this ship, part of how I got on."
"Is he still on board?" Scott asked, keeping his rifle aimed at the beast's head.
"Who do you," I roll under a swipe and clip off some whiskers, "was in that office?"
"Could I just shoot it!?" Scott asked in a loud voice.
I duck another swipe and bring my sword up through it's throat, bringing the blade up and cutting it's head in two. "Answer your question?"
Scott sighed, "Yes." He said disappointingly.

"You done, Actum?"
I turn back to the console and review the last message. "Yeah gonna need to turn on another generator so I can get cameras running."
"That's defense systems, right? When we repair the main routing we can run all systems off just the backup generator and emergency generator. How important is it to get on right away?"
"If there are any more ocelots? Pretty damn important."
"Please, we're armed. If there are anymore, we shoot them."
"Which reminds me. WHY THE !@#$ ARE YOU CARRYING A SWORD IN 3065 AD?"
I chuckle, sheathing the blade and retrieving my rifle. "Ever hear of stealth? It's a considerably more quiet killer than any silenced weapon. And," I vanish from sight for a moment before reappearing behind the Gestalt, "it works well with my normal line of work."
OOC: how the !@#$ . . .
Prior RP. He's got a history.
02/06/2013 03:15 PMPosted by TheGman
OOC: how the !@#$ . . .

I was thinking the same thing... Zarkun, let's keep this Starcraft, shall we? :)
That is SC. Just because you don't know what I'm doing doesn't mean it's bad. When you get a character, you get their prior history, assuming they have it. Don't worry, it's essentially blink.
You are terran. Stalkers are protoss war machines.
I said essentially. It's difficult to explain outside of it works like blink, minus the Void energy. It's a module in his armor.

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