Out of the Frying Pan III

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You are also forgetting that Torvus is a Umoja as well. Technically. And we all know that the Umoja have the most advanced tech out of the Terran's.

IC post soon.
and terrans have had this technology since when?
and i did not know that, crimson.
Yeah, a Fantasy RP that died. Don't worry, power abuse is not likely since he rarely uses it.
"I'd say it's pretty important to get on as with out the cameras someone has to get a personal look at the main router and given I'm the most qualified for stuff like that its going to end up being me and I would prefer to get a look at it before I was actually there at the main router." I say grabbing my rifle and heading for the door.
"Very well." Scott agreed with a nod, following Actum.
With one last look at the predatory cat, I follow.
I quickly pull up a map of the ship on my HUD, find another generator and set a waypoint for it. I start walking in the direction of the generator with my rifle raised and ready for enemies to pop out.
Blaze sits in the shadows. He had found another power of his. He was not just able to read minds, but pick up objects with just his mind. He was even able to make himself levitate.

Zoltun looks upon his town. His scouting group still had not returned.

The scouts look at the great horned beast they had stumbled upon. Quickly they ran back to the city, trying to skirt around the trees, they were not equipped to fight one of the Osos Astados.
02/10/2013 07:04 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Osos Astados.

Those would be the other natives? and did you intend for them to be called "Bull bears?"

IC: I see something moving in the shadows "Did you guys see that?"
"See what?" Scott asked, following Actum close behind.
Posted by ShadowFury
Osos Astados.

Those would be the other natives? and did you intend for them to be called "Bull bears?"

Those are beasts that are really big and I think similar to the 'Hammerheads' from James Cammerons Avatar at least in size.

IC: I look around not seeing anything and nothing comes up on the motion sensores on my HUD. "Your seeing things Gestalt."
OOC: remember that anaconda?
IC: "i'm not sure. it looked kind of like a snake."
"HERE COMES THE OUT OF CHARACTER! They are the natives that I have as original ones I made. They aren't a different type. And yes, Bull Bears, supposed to be large carnivorous creatures with long sharp claws, and horns. The rest would be up to you."
I run a scan. "You're definitely seeing things. Scans come up clean."
Scott examined Torvus and Actum's eyes, then Gestalt's. "Let's move, the elevator should be here around here somewhere."
OOC: Wait... Morph? There are three generators: Main generator, backup generator and emergency generator. The main is fried, the backup is running the AI and the emergency is running the life support... Where exactly are you leading us? Lol.

Might I remind us that our next task is to report to the captain OR it might be a good idea to go to the AI core to do a full status check, then repair the main routing in order to get the distress beacon up, thus increasing the chance of rescue.
Hmm ... I don't remember being told that ... ehh I guess he'll just be leading to the main router or what ever.
You need the AI to identify where the break is, then you can go fix it. So you should be going to the AI core.
OK whatever I has school work to do so gona leave for a while.
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I run a scan. "You're definitely seeing things. Scans come up clean."

Come on!
IC: "that's odd. must have been those pancakes."

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