Out of the Frying Pan III

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Scott chuckled as they neared the AI core.

"You sure you know how to deal with AI's, Actum? I hear they can be quite the nuisance."
"More so than you'd think, but I've had minimum exposure compared to Actum, so I'm not a good reference. I am, however, good for combat scenarios. Lord knows I've seen enough of them." I look at the Gestalt. "Pancakes? When did you eat pancakes?"
"Yeah lets just hope it isn't messed up."
"That... Would suck." Scott said with an almost humorous tone. He began to lead the way to the AI core.

[Time Warp, tell me if you object]

"There it is." Scott said, pointing at a door. On it there was bold letters that spelled, 'A.I. Core'
"Never mind that."
I look at the door and sigh. The last ship I'd been on I'd been on AI maintenance duty. B!tch was stubborn as they come and highly narcissistic. "Hope this one isn't like the last one I worked with..."
"What ship was that?"
"Long time ago. Let's worry about the issue at hand."
"Actum, you wanna open the door?"
OOC: mind if i move this forwards?
IC: "let me do it." i say, cutting a hole in the door with my warp blades.
Dude, this is dead. No ifs, ands, or buts. Join another RP. There are still plenty.
Yeah, i guess you're right.
I kind of liked this one though.

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