Out of the Frying Pan III

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You need to go back to the med-bay and get CR, KO and yourself some character interaction. Or go to the bridge and start making yourself useful.
I think for a moment before replying. "Maybe would be better if we had a dry-dock, all the necessary materials and a full sized engineering staff but we don't so we will have to make do with what we have."
"Well of course those things would be better, but I meant with what little we have." I groan as I realize we're going to have to tell the Captain. "Please tell me the main reactor is repairable."
I shrug. "No idea the computer only said it was not functioning. Also there were no cameras and no I didn't look at it myself as it is in a different section and likely sealed behind radiation resistant blast doors and radiation shields."
"You're telling me that there wasn't an auto warning that said whether or not it was on standby?"
"Um ..." I think for a second. "Oh yeah there was one and the reactor is not in standby mode." I say as we come to the door where we had left Scott.
OOC: Why am I never mentioned in story so far ...
So far, because you're not part of the story yet. Get involved in a plot and you'll make it in there :)
"Then what is the reactor?"
IC: "Reactor ... So why are we trying to fix a reactor?"
"If what happened to it is what I feared, then...we won't be fixing, but replacing." I knew a fair bit about ships, and I knew the back up generators were only if the main reactor was destroyed.
"I don't know what state the reactor is in and until I can either get a first hand look at it or get enough extra power to get the AI up and running I won't know. So we can maybe get out of here or at least have some defense against what ever the hell may be out there."
"Dude, there had to be something on that console that said the reactors condition. I know enough about ships to know that."
I close my eyes for a moment and concentrate. "Reactor not functioning on any level. Reactor is not on stand-by mode, indicating 100% destruction. Please notify Commanding officer ... Yeah ... we ain't fixing the main reactor."
"Which means this tub ain't leaving this rock. Great." I sigh and walk in, looking at Scott. "Ready to go report?"
Who are we waiting on?
How are we waiting on mark?
It seems like we would be waiting on morph.
Scott is who we addressed, and that's Mark.

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