Out of the Frying Pan III

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Scott turned off the console as soon as the group arrived. "Yes, I am ready." He said, joining the group. "What did you guys discover?"
"We have no reactor. This Gestalt here has no memory of who he is, or why he's here."
Scott turns to the 'Gestalt.'

"Nice to meet you, I'm Scott."

[Gman's reply assuming it isn't interrupting.]

"The reactor's down? Is it something a techie can fix?" Scott asked with a serious face, he was looking for a serious answer. Assuming Torvus wasn't joking, which he probably wasn't, this was very bad news.
"It's completely destroyed from what Actum said, meaning we're on back up generators only."
Scott frowned, "That's not good. I noticed the life support systems were the only systems that turned on, is there a reason for that or are you just dilly-dallying?" Scott asked, mostly at Actum.
"The computer gave me a few options. Life support, Defense, Offense, and AI support. Given our mission was to get the pumps running I choose life support."
"Which means main distributing is damaged." I notice the funny looks. "I've been a mechanic on these ships too, not just a security officer."
"Yeah the computer said it was damaged. And I don't even want to know how or why you got landed in a mechanics job." I say shaking my head.
"I knew a fair amount about everything. Kinda needed to as a Wild Card for that rebellion. But, it went down hill, so I took what I could find."
"You were in a rebellion?" Scott asked, then shook his head and waved his hand as if trying to push away the topic.

"Nevermind, we have more important issues to deal with. We need to repair the main power route to restore power to all systems. With the AI, defensive and offensive systems back online, we'll have ourselves a little base with turrets, security mech's, camera's, AI defense," Then meeting Actum's eyes, "And personal AI assistant."
"That would be nice but first lets go report to the captain and get me my gear from the armory."
"Right, the armory is the same level as the bridge. It's right along the way actually, how convenient." Scott said with the most cheerful smile he could muster, dispite their circumstances. He led the way back to the elevator that was now functioning thanks to Actum's handiwork.
"I don't think staying here is a good idea. If there are natives here, this'll be a giant beacon to them."
"Unless we get the defense systems running. Besides, there is no way a local can get in here unless they are interested in swimming through pumps. Besides, if push comes to shove with the natives, they'll be at an advantage if we go out there, we'll be heavily advantaged if we stay in here."
"And when we run out of parts to repair things with? It won't last forever with the amount of power being consumed."
Scott hesitated on that one. "I don't know how much longer our power supply will last, but I know we're looking at two months at least."
"I'll take your word for it, but I'd still rather take my chances out there where I can see for myself what's coming."
"I see where you're coming from, but if we get the defensive systems online we'll have hull camera's displaying everything there is to see outside." When the elevator finally came as summoned, Scott stepped in.

"What kind of terrain is out there? Jungle, volcanic?"
"Swamp." I note that one of the pouches I have on my belt is dripping and I dump the water out, some disposable repair tools coming out. "Ah well, I grabbed the permanent ones anyways."
"Swamp." Scott repeated disappointingly, "Fantastic." He added, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

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