Out of the Frying Pan III

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I chuckle. "Try waking up in Swamp water. Not a fun experience."
I sorry to say this, but I'm going to drop out. :/
I haven't been very active with it, and the total lack of direction is a bit much.
Do what you will with Eric, somebody can take control of him if they want, it's all cool.

Everyone keeps dropping out under the banner of "Haven't been active enough." But really, you guys haven't missed anything. In fact, War, Koro dropped out, so you have free reigns to do whatever you want! I'm not begging you though, do what you'd like :) Great having you whether you choose to go or stay :)


Scott shudders at the thought. "Have I ever mentioned my fear of drowning?"
Like I said, it's a little too open for my taste, any RP needs direction and guidance from the DM or things just get too chaotic/random. (In my book, anyway)

I would like to see some kind of redux of Separatist Space, albeit with far more control over the custom factions.
I have a few ideas for this that I'm planning on posting later this weekend or next week. (All depends on how well I deal with prep for semester finals)
Totally understand! I actually agree with you. This RP was meant to break my reputation of a tyrant DM and I'm glad you joined! This RP is actually my most ordered RP oddly enough. It is... Well, random at parts, but less random then some of my other RP's :S

I would love to see some kind of SS redux also. If I do, custom races will only be aloud for individual characters, not governments. SS was a testing ground for how different governments and races would work out, it failed miserably, but the experiment worked out just fine.

The problem is now if I ever make a thread that has anything to do SS: Redux people will run for the hills after gunning me down xD

You're joining was much appreciated and your departure is completely understood, thanks War!
Remember the book that I said mirrored the plot of SS?

I was thinking of using that as the basis for the Redux's plot line.

Factions would be limited to people who could be expected to keep things from turning into an OP war. (Zarkun w/ the Lorians and KO w/ the Imperium are the two major factions I'd like to see.)

But enough for taking up space for IC posts.
Sorry, but the Lorians won't be coming back to the Koprulu Sector. I should have left them in their home universe.
I kind of liked the Lorians. Sorry you feel that they should have remained in their home universe. I might leave the Elerians in their galaxy as well ... I would enjoy a remake of SS though.

IC: "No you have not."
I grin a trolly grin. "Yes, just now."
Scott sighed as he pushed the elevator for the bridge. "Great, that seals the deal, I'm not leaving this ship!"
"And it's your fault when it turns into your grave. I'll tell you right now, if the main reactor has been destroyed, then the back up generator won't last long after."
"With proper maintenance, the backup generator will do it's job." Scott argued as the elevator doors opened. Scott stepped out and rounded the corner to the bridge.

"We should probably refrain from using high-voltage luxuries though." He added, glaring at the elevator behind him.
"And AI and defense systems aren't high-voltage luxuries? Think Scott."
"If there are natives, it's not a luxury, it's a necessity."
I shrug, stopping at the armory, then sighing and continuing walking. "Still high-voltage."
"So is hydroponics. Hydroponics is our only source for food." Scott said, realizing his stomach was aching.

"Actum, we're at the armory, you want to go in?"


The armory door is locked.
IC: i decide to head to the bridge

OOC: Zark check your mail i got it done :)
Morph is at work atm.
So... Should we just go into the bridge without him or wait for him? We can interact with Darkra who is on his way.
Let's do a bit of interaction. He's been a bit starved.

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