Out of the Frying Pan III

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I agree.

Darkra, make your entry.
i walked into the bridge. "i can't believe i'm so bored that i'm actually going to do work" i thought
"Well hello there, Rambo." Scott called, seeing Jack climbing up the stairs.
I perk up and turn around. "Oh, you."
"oohhh !@#$.... well i knew this was gonna happen anyways" i thought. "lemmie guess handcuffs my face hitting the floor and then you want me to explain"
"No, I'm assuming you're reporting to the bridge. However, I'm told that I need to know of implications between you and Laura?"
"i uhhh...... *clears through*..... ummm.... i may or may not have raped her before the ship crashed"
I raise an eyebrow. "Did or didn't. Come clean and I won't string you up by your nuts."
"yes" i say. "now stringing me up by the nuts turns into a viable option doesn't it"
"Yes, but...something tells me you aren't who you were before. I'll just string you up by your big toes instead. But first the Captain needs to know."
"that works fine." i say

OOC: i love it how you've been talking about the Captain since thread one and we still don't see him
I've seen him and so's Morph, but Morph is at work atm, so we can't really go anywhere.
OOC: see this is what i mean the minute i post Mark is gone XD
Scott was speechless. He knew Jack was bad business, but this was crazy.

"You- WHAT!?" Scott yelled.
IC: "you want me to get you a paper bag or somethin?" i ask
"What's the verdict, are you a father?" Scott asked, still infuriated.
"She's not pregnant. If there's anything that Dante here was smart about, it was protection. Lord knows how many times maintenance came to me about it."
"so where's the big C anyways?" i ask

OOC: Zark check mail again XD
Scott shuddered at the thought of Dante's actions. "The captains right through this door. Be careful, aggression will get you killed." Scott emphasized the "will" to make it clear that he would die.
"I don't think aggression is on his mind, Scott."

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