Out of the Frying Pan III

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"so let's go then"
Scott eyed him carefully, then opened the door with the push of a button. Three heavily armed guards waited on the other side. Their gun's weren't level, but it was obvious they were ready to be.

The Captain turned around, "Mission Report, who is this?" He asked, gesturing at Jack.
I step forward, saluting. "The mercenary we hired on, Dante Jack, or Jack Dante...I just know he's a merc and his name is Dante. He's suffering from amnesia."
"Lets report to the captain first then I'll get my gear." I ignore the rest of the conversation and walk towards the bridge.
"Who the hell would hire a mercenary for this?" The Captain grunted, "It makes no difference now, what's the status on those pumps?"
"Running. However, Actum reports that the main reactor is destroyed and that the main power distribution is in repair. We're...in piss poor shape to be completely honest."
"The main reactor has been destroyed?" He asked, eyeing Actum, "How has the main reactor been destroyed?"
Well, I can't answer that, but I can inform you that Morph is having trouble posting. However, he couldn't realistically answer that.
I know, it's the Captain being... The Captain... :P Really he's just looking for an explanation for how he knows the main reactor is down. So is someone going to post for him through DA.
Let me rephrase, his computer crashed and won't let him post or get on DA. I shall save his @ss for the time being.

IC: "The power console had a warning on it, probably from the diagnostics he ran. Sir, unless we can get an SOS our, we're trapped." I rub the back of my neck, "Not to mention that the wild life is finding their way into the ship."
"I've been working on an SOS signal for some time. We can get it assembled with various supplies around the ship," The Captain held up some sort of data chip. "Then this will get it running."

"What kind of wildlife are we talking about?"

OOC: Thats... Odd... How do you know if he can't post or get on DA?
I have a smart-ish phone. and my comp from time to time decides to give me the 'blue screen of death' and some times does so repeatedly.
A smart-ish phone xD
"Right now, small ocelot like creatures, a few small snakes, and rats. However, I could hear larger things trying to get in while we were in the power room. Simply put, if we're to rely on the automated defenses, we need to get the main routing back up or the planet will kill us long before anything else does.
Great !@#$ya too computer. Sorry it crashed again. And this is sent to by my Droid Razrm
Blaze stands at the door to the bridge and knocks upon it, making the clinging sound of metal lightly hitting against metal.
The Captain swore and looked out the bridge's windshield at a darkening sky.

"We can try and assemble the SOS or fix the main routing. If we focus on one the other will have to wait for probably about a day. If we do both at the same time, we're pushing our luck."

[Blaze knocks on door.]

"Are you gentlemen expecting anybody?" The captain asks the group as security guards slowly approach the door.
I think for a moment then snap my fingers. "The stowaway. Sir, if we get off this rock, might I suggest tightening security at ports?"
"Right, thanks, I'm sure that's the first thing I'm going to do if we survive this." He said sarcastically and waited for one of the guards to open the door.
"How do you know that the stowaway wasn't responsible for the crash?"

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