Out of the Frying Pan III

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The Captain froze, "Good thinking." He whispered before confronting the man behind the now opened door.

"Who are you?"
"I do not know my real name myself, but I seem to remember going by Blaze." He answers.
"What are you doing here?"
"On the ship or at the bridge? The ship, no idea, the bridge, because I want to know what the hell has happened." Blaze replies.
"Nobody knows for sure. Are you a stowaway?"
"I am not sure. Probably am from the bits and pieces of my memory I have gotten back." Blaze says, his one hand's finger tapping against his leg rapidly.
..... Wow.... I actually completely forgot about this. So what happened that may interest me?
Absolutely nothing
IC: "hey, you again! thought i'd never see you again."(This is directed at blaze)
CR, morph is right, pretty much nothing. Pick up anywhere you'd like. If you're looking for something to do remember that everyone has been ordered to go to the bridge.


"Well normally I'd arrest you but... if you're willing to help out you would be more useful when you're not behind bars."
"I am fine with helping. I have a bad feeling about this rock." Blaze says in reply to the captain, then directs his attention to the man, "Hello."
"We all share the feeling." The Captain agreed, slowly examining Blaze. "One more thing... What are you, exactly?"
I groan, shaking my head. "From what this Gestalt says, he doesn't remember. Both of them are suffering memory loss."
"Are you trying to tell me he doesn't even know what he is?" The Captain asked Torvus, his eyes demanding respect.

"His eyes are !@#$ing blue and he looks like he came from the middle-ages!"
"The most I can tell, sir, is that he's psionic, and probably powerful for his eyes to be glowing with a lack of power usage. I'm simply saying that it's probably best you don't go pissing off the psionic and focus on getting our @sses out. What parts do we need for an SOS and to repair the main routing?"
The Captain closed his eyes and fought off impulses to chew the soldier out. He knew that Torvus was right, but the whole thing made him uneasy.

"For the SOS we will need multiple parts from both cargo holds, I wont bore you with the details. For the main routing, I have no idea." The Captain looked at the Techie,

"If you get the AI online, she can probably tell you where the routing is broken and you can do a patch job. Otherwise you're looking at weeks, even months of repair, assuming we have the supplies to re-wire all the power lines throughout all the ship."
"Sir, we can only run one system at a time, otherwise we'd have the AI back on."
"Then reroute the power temporarily!" The Captain barked before sighing. "You have the emergency generators on, correct?"
"Far as I know, we do. But if we direct power from the pumps, it'll deactivate them and we'll be back to being flooded."
The Captain thought for a few seconds.

"We have the main generators, then the backups, and the emergency generators. If the main routing has been damaged you can get the backup generators to support the AI until you fix the main routing."

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