Out of the Frying Pan III

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"So then you're saying to deactivate the pumps? Alright, but if we all end up dead before we can fix it, which I doubt will happen, I'm blaming you." I turn and head out, having Actum follow me. "Be back quick as I can."
"No, I'm saying to get the emergency generators sustaining the life support systems and the backup generators to sustain the AI until you can fix the main routing." The Captain shouted, chasing them.
"I don't even know if the back up generators are online."
"According to the ship status console it's not, that's what I'm saying. Get the backup generators online and get the AI to help you repair the main power routing."
"We'll see what we can do." Reaching the armory, I enter my code to open it. "Retrieve your gear, Actum."
Scott looks back and forth between the Captain and Torvus, eventually he catches up with Torvus.

"Do you guys need me?"
"Up to you. It really shouldn't take that long. But if you do come, I suggest you get some armor and such."
I nod and enter the armory heading for my allocated alcove. With in the alcove is a standard issue rifle, fully loaded, with about 6 extra clips, a standard issue pistol with 4 extra clips and a combat knife. The armor also contained in the alcove looked like a slightly larger version of the standard CMC-300 with a heavy reactor that could recharge other power armor suits. I tap a button and the armor opens. I step inside, close the armor, grab my other gear and head back over to Torvus. "Ready." The armor has a red wolf head painted on the visor, the symbol for the Heaven's Devils on the left shoulder and the Dominion Marine Corps symbol on the right.

OOC: I decided I wanted a slightly modified version of the armor the Heaven's Devils used in the guild wars. I can explain why he has that armor in the RP if you wish.
"If you guys think you need me I'll come, otherwise I'll stick around here."


That's fine! I'm curious as to how you acquired it, but you don't have to tell us.
"Well, given that the wildlife down there is growing more common, I think a third set of eyes won't hurt. Go grab some armor and a rifle."
"Yeah, but what you really want to watch out for is the natives. they'll shred you into small insignificant pieces if you aren't careful."
Scott nodded and ran in the armory. It took him awhile since he wasn't a familiar with the equipment, but he managed to get some light armor on. Grabbing a small assault rifle and an even smaller side arm.

Scott emerged from the Armory and handed the .45 Magnam Torvus had given to him back to Torvus.

[TheGman speaks]

Scott froze, "Natives? What natives?"
OOC: The backstory I was planning on was he found it in an old warehouse at some random base he had been assigned to and his CO said he could keep it if he could fix it up and his standard issue armor would just get issued to someone else. of course he fixed it up and has had it since and its great armor for a tech mostly because of the ability to easily get in and out of the armor depending on what is needed. If Actum gets asked IC i'll explain in a bit more detail ... perhaps. :P

IC: "Heh if they can get close enough that is."
Scott turned to Actum, "You know of them too? What natives? Why didn't anyone tell me?"
"I don't actually know of natives but given some sounds I heard and this guy saying there are natives makes sense. Just keep 'em at a distance and don't waste ammo if there really are natives."
I decided that I was well enough to help them... My fate was in their hands... At the moment. Leaving before Bryant could see more, hear me, or even stop me.
"How about don't kill them? Last thing we need is hostile natives!"
"So long as they don't attack us first it is fine with me how 'bout you Torvus?"
"there is a race of hostile humanoids that inhabits this planet. now if you don't mind, i'd like my warp blades back."
I hand them back to the Gestalt, thinking. "If they're already hostile, shoot on sight, but we'll see."

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