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I have decided I want to become a forum RPer. Anyone have any suggestions for me as to not screw up and become a spam lord / general idiot? What should I do? General stuff.
Pay attention to what "Zanon" said in that thread.
first of all. play it safe. don't try and do something totally new and innovative at the beginning. also PRACTICE. join RPs like a bawse, get some good writing going and know what kind of chars you like operating with. are you the carefree cocky Rambo? or are you the broody loner. try to stick to one personality than expand
Don't spam, don't use Cortex rules, do as the DM asks, be polite, and have fun!
Ok thanks everybody. I WILL PRACTICE LIKE A "BAWS"
If ya'd like we can provide a list of active RPs with a PreRP link.
That would be nice. I can't believe this is such a great community up in here.
"There's a troll every once and a while. But we're a good family here.

Welcome to JoeRays."

I say and extend a hand to shake.
Hope you stay a while, Chewy, we need some more newcomers like you.
You wouldn't believe it from the way the other areas of the forums complain about us. I know for sure Reaper is open, however, there's no PreRP, but This is their Story: Redemption has one.

Ti.TS:R PreRP: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7004453015?page=1 Application format is at the bottom of the second page.
"Well then, I have no words for this." I say as I extent my own hand, purposely giving the wrong one in the hopes that the other person switches hands. "I havn't seen sentinent life since I left the old creek house"

And thanks guys for the support. It is always good to get some helpful people to help a newb like myself.
I turn my hand and awkwardly shake his hand. A snapping is heard, I just broke my arm to make a joke.

"I just rebooted the series, so you're in luck! Join if you wish. And come down to "Koro's Weapon Shop" and ill fix ya' up for some "Things"."

Come to my Pizzeria for some good old pizza. Come armed too, the Zergling Pies like to try and eat people...
Now, I need some backround on some of the RPs. Kutos..? To Koro and Zark, but what general universes are there here on the forums?
There's Canon lore, RPer lore, and custom lore. We try to stick to SC lore as much as possible, but there's both Sci-Fi RPs and Fantasy RPs. We like to do them all. Most RPs are RPer lore...like This is their Story: Redemption.
Alright then... And about the "shop" threads, are those all in the same universe so-to-speak?
Those are PRPs or personal RPs. Basically they offer different services and you can pretty much do anything as you RP as yourself. You never have to die, though it can happen and you resurrect.
The Bar and the shops are... it's hard to explain. Us, I guess? Total randomness.

BTW, welcome to the bar.
So that's how we get 3 pizzerias, and at least 2 sub shops, even a weapons shop, all on the same street? Am I correct?

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