Hellerrrrrrr Everybody

Joeyray's Bar
I sigh and shoot CR in the kneecaps and then shoot off his middle fingers. "To correct their mistake, Zanon is our Glorious Dictator." I then grin maniacally. "I'm just the trigger man."
"You're just a sadist."
I shoot smylez's jaw off and punt him into a brick wall. "Never listen to an amnesiac."
But I was just fulfilling Xer's wishes... He said to shoot anyone's Kneecap that said that.... I have the strangest theory that I'm always the victim and suspect....

I fix my jaw in place. "You really need some anger management counseling."
"Now when did I say you were to blame?"
"And who was the brute who went berserk after I made a simple observation?"
*Stabs everyone and paints the sky black with ashes and the floor red with your blood?*
I look at the blood and grin, the lust in my eyes. "Well at least I didn't kill everyone."
I grab Zarkun's revolver and shoot smylez in the bottom jaw and disjointed it completely, somehow not shattering it. I give the revolver back with an explosive bullet in it.
"You know, I'm getting really tired of this. I'll see you guys some other place."
Death... is such an artwork... it is a masterpiece... that only the greatest of artists have touched upon... it's brilliance of flowing colors, dimmed down to a grayscale, a dark looming shadow blanketing the world... Within this shadow, only one color runs... and it paints all things red. Their weapons, lay scattered, their minds lay shattered, but all in the presence, of death.
"That is sick by the way."
"I found it rather poetic." I pull a Hulk from the Avenger's movie and punch smylez into a wall from the side.
XD I just pull things like that out of my @ss.
lol we scared him away.
We always do. I swear it's a miracle I stayed. Nobody here is good at welcoming new members and soon Joeyray's will die because of it.
"Isn't our fault we're unusual. We do welcome him, he just found us insane."
I beg pardon Markus, I haven't had issues with greeting the new people. Also Joeyray's won't die just fresh ideas will become scarce.

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