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When i try to log in to my account, it asks me to upgrade from the starter version and it wont let me play multiplayer games. I have been playing on my account for a year now. When i log in on my battlenet account on the web page, it says my NA version is active and there is no need to upgrade. Please help, Thanks.
I just started having this problem also - it seems like a large group of people started complaining of this recently. Would love a fix.


Just found this:

It seems like most people having this issue are on SEA, but I am not.

Verified my system clock is accurate. Can't believe that the next step is to change my BNet email, but I guess I'll try that and report if it works.
This is weird. Thanks for the link though. I will give it a try too.
Alright, I had the idea to run a repair through the SC2 launcher, and that seems to have fixed the issue.

I did not do the email address change.

Maybe try a repair install and see if that works for you also?
Ok i will try that and report it if that works. thanks.
Nope it doesnt work even after repairing.

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