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"psquared015 5 months ago
Void rays are the best counter to thors (as long as you don't clump them up). VRs do additional damage vs armored and vs massive (+20%), so that's a double whammy. 250s can't hit them. And the thors' DPS vs air is actually lower than it's ground DPS against immortals- its air DPS is 8 (with no bonus, because VRs are armored), while its ground DPS is 47, which is decreased by roughly 2/3 by the immortal's hardened shields- which is still 15.7. If you can avoid the splash, VRs counter thors."

Ok, I got this off a comment on youtube. Is this still true after the patches though?
Not my quote just wondering if it still works...
I think it can if there are only a tiny bit of thors... use magic box above thors. However making voidrays vs terran in general doesn't seem likea very good idea. if you have/will play hots, tempest would be the best option for anti thor.
A thor has the same DPS vs. armored air units as a Marine. It's true that if they have 6+ Thors they'll hurt, but the amount of Void Rays you can reasonably have vs. Thors will win pretty reliably. Thors are almost completely useless right now vs. armored air units - their substantial DPS is lowered, dramatically. You need mass, mass Thors to beat armored air units.

The HotS Void Ray, on the other hand, is sort of like a flying Truckasaurus vs. Terran mech, while the HotS Thor has very different AA that is much better vs. armored units.
You don't need to focus down the Thors, just keep those VRs from clumping and it's an auto-win. Magic boxing is surprisingly effective.
It works, but only if you magic box and charge up VRs beat thors 1v1
01/24/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Solomon
And how do you expect to focus fire the thors without clumping up the voids? It's better to just float one or two voids, or even a carrier to absorb the thor attacks, instead of the thors attacking your ground army (thors auto attack air before ground), effectively neutralizing them. Pop guardian shield and chrono an air armor upgrade, and the the 2-4 voids are perfect thor dps soakers.
This coming from the guy who said he mastered 2v2 in another thread. Magic box is a thing and it roflstomps Thors.

01/24/2013 06:43 PMPosted by DOxPhalanx
tempest would be the best option for anti thor.
Only for the range, the anti-massive doesn't apply to ground units. Carriers probably still do fine.

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