Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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OOC: Food and water are a must, perhaps a furnace as well? Some furniture if we're to stay here for a little while?
How about we RP things in? Dac's ideas...I think I'll work on something for the book.
OOC: Your choice, guys. You can choose to make this your HQ if you choose to.
I'm still waiting on Nait to answer my person's question. Mostly because it seems to me that Zarkun is marked.... But what kind of marked? I know he's Dragon Marked and my people are marked but not really Marked? It doesn't make sense so I'm verifying what kind of Marks.
It is a history of everything since shortly before the Es War, only there were notes and events listed that I'd never even heard of. Looking around, I see another door leading to what looks to be a kitchen area with dining and another leading to a living complex. "It would seem this front area was meant to be deceiving."
"Yeah..." I say, looking around, I find a room. It's empty, and white, except for black writing all over the place in another language.

"This is....interesting." I say, before heading to check out the more useful rooms.
As I wonder the bunker I find a rat and before it can run I pounce on it and eat it whole. I soon make my way to the white room with the strange writing on the walls. The language looked familiar but I wasn't sure which language it was.

OOC: not sure what you were thinking to use that for so not really going to take more liberties with that Dacder.
OOC: It should be interesting, what I have in mind. And thanks.
OOC: *EvilGrin*

IC: After a few minutes of staring at the writing I get bored and leave the room to continue exploring. I check out the kitchen and dinning area, which are not very note worthy, before heading to the living area and discovering several bed rooms branching from a central 'Family/Living' space which holds a nice sized couch and several chairs as well as a fire place with a lot of extra wood that seems fresh but can't be given this place has been untouched since the Es war. I then investigate the bedrooms. They are all pretty much the same with a large bed, a large closet, large dresser and a large vanity for what ever reason. I decide to curl up on the couch for now.
We are missing some critical people ATM ... namely Zarkun and Dac. Feel free to do an IC though CR
I was hoping for Nait to answer my question about all the many marked.... As in what marked can open the door since there are my marked which are mentally abnormal... Then there are dragon marked? I'm just making sure and I'll most an IC soon.
If they don't come back, then I'm going to have to cancel this RP and start it up again sometime in the future when everyone is available.
They are available usually they just seem to not be here today ... or for the last few days ...
Well, I'm going to be busy with some several things, and I can't really properly DM for awhile. So, I'm most likely going to have to stop this for now if I can't gather my thoughts soon.
OOC: :(

I just don't know where to go right now, not anything else.
I'm not at home and been busy IRL.
I finish reading a bit on the book and look at the others. "Well, this will be a good home base while we're here. Any objections?"
"None from me." I reply, continuing to look around.

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