Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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I nod. "Good point. Let's go past the gallows though. Usually where the barracks is."
"I heard something about an execution, wonder what they did. Are you sure we should go by though? There will probably be a lot of foot traffic."
"What choice do we have? If that's where the barracks is, then that's where we have to go."
"What I meant was maybe we should ask around instead? I mean, somebody's got to know where the barracks are.."
"I don't trust that someone won't sell us out to the people who started this plague. It's too weak to be the real thing."
"If you say so." I continue to follow Jason, hoping we'd find the barracks without any trouble.
A couple of guards stop you as you were walking through the city. They use your guns to make an X to block your way.

"There's an execution up ahead. It's either that you stay and watch it or go the long way around."
"We're here to carry out the King's orders, but I suppose we can watch the execution, no worries. But I really don't suggest you raise your guns to me again. I've a short temper after spending several days in a survival bunker with nothing to do."
The guards put the guns away, letting you to the gallows.
We continue on, and I spot the Barracks. "See? Told you it be near the Gallows."
I come much closer to Jason and Sahna, mostly so I did not lose them in the crowd, and end up brushing against Jason's leg by accident.
I glance at Arcis and chuckle. "You get any larger and you'll have to fly above us to keep from crushing people."
I'm not that big yet. I should still have a week or two before I'm to big to easily stay out of the way. I look around at the various people in the area and try to get a look at the gallows.
I take a look at the gallows.

"Maybe this person had something to do with the zombies?"
"No, there's two." I point out the two with burlap sacks on their heads. "And besides, if they'd caught the perpetrators, do you think we'd still be needed?"
"What if they were only a part of it though? It's a possibility."
"True, but I still feel that we wouldn't be needed. Perhaps it's simply my past experience in this area..."
I finally get a look at the two at the gallows. I tilt my head to one side. {They seem ... familiar not sure why though.} I say as I continue walking beside Jason.
I totally forgot about this..... Yikes.....

IC: The two were taken to the rope. Both hands and feet were tied together. It's a precaution... You know?
Watching the proceedings, I get more and more suspicious as their hands and feet are tied. "That's not standard. Either these two are high rank criminals, or they expect trouble."

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