Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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"Lends more to what I thought, no? They better not be executing people who could still give us info on the zombies, dammit."
"We'll see when they remove the sacks. One of them is definitely female though."
Can we get closer? They really seem familiar, I don't know why and it is bugging me. I ask Jason as I sniff the air slightly. [Why do they seem familiar? Especially the female one?
I nod. "Can't hurt." I manuever close to the front of the crowd, my hand resting on one of the Revolvers.
I sniff the air again when we are much closer to the Gallows and catch a scent I hadn't expected to smell for sometime. It is her! The marked girl and I guess her male friend as well. I start moving closer to the gallows.
Arcis, wait. Until we see them without the bags, we won't know. If it is them, we'll use our station to save them.
I stop, look over my shoulder at Jason obviously not happy and growl slightly. Its her I know it but if you want proof I can provide that shortly. [I think] I turn my head back to look at the girl on the platform. I close my eyes and reach out with my mind for the girl and the area around her. I concentrate on collecting some water vapor and turning it into small ice crystals that could cut through the canvas bag but not hurt the girl.

OOC: gona stop there so the DM can have a say. :P
OOC: Go ahead. I don't see a problem with it.
I finish forming the ice crystals and start them rotating around her head. I keep the crystals far enough away to not hurt her but close enough they shred the canvas in moments. Once the crystals have done their job I let them fall to the ground and create a gust of wind to remove the last few pieces of canvas fully revealing her face. Is that enough? I ask still obviously irritated.
The guards begin searching for the source of the Es, but I nod, growling. You're going to get us in trouble before we start our investigation.
The boards were getting ready to drop... But one question was being served to me... What in the bloody hell just happened? Taking a deep breath... I was ready for my demise. Just a pull of the lever.
I don't care. She is worth it. I say still irritated and start moving towards the gallows again.
Matthew's sack was removed from his head. Revealing his bloodied face.

OOC: Just one question... But wouldn't people freak out about a Dragon heading for the Gallows?
Arcis, hold on. We'll do no good just charging up there.
Then do something! They're going to kill her and I won't let that happen with or without your help. I was getting angrier and I didn't stop walking towards the gallows.
"The hell do we do now? We can't just...let them die!"
I think fast and push my way past Arcis. Wait for my signal. "Hold the execution! They're in our employ and by extension, that of the King!"
The guards turn to your direction, making direct eye contact.

"Then where's your proof? The king's representatives don't travel with exotic creatures like pirates. These two are guilty of a crime that can only be repented by execution."

The one speaking to you walks up, getting right in front of you.

"Unless you can produce the proper papers, I suggest that you won't claim something like that...."

He points to the gallows with his thumb.

"Or they won't be the only ones up there."
I pull out the letter that his guard had given me. "Proof enough? The King has agreed to pardon them if the help solve the source of the out break of the R virus."
I watched as the scene began to unfold, hundreds chanting for our deaths! Woe is me. I myself was pretty cut up and bloodied. They didn't care how they hunted us down.... As long as we were taken down.

Matthew's rope binding began to cut into his flesh. No longer feeling the pain due to exhaustion.

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