Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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The guard reads through the letter, examining it through great extent before returning it.

"My apologizes. However, I cannot simply hand them over without punishment. For a crime as serious enough to receive execution, a pardon cannot do. Yes, they may help you and lessen punishment. But they will still be unable to leave until you have spoken with the warden at the barracks."
I nod. "Then remove the ropes from their neck."
The guards nods back, and turns around.

"Get the nooses off and take them to the warden's office with these people here."

The guards on stage walk up, taking the ropes off their necks. However, the rope bindings on their wrists still remained.
I beckon to Arcis and Sahna. "Let's go. Shouldn't take long to set this straight."
I couldn't think straight, buzzing going around, vision all hazy, balance is wobbly. The pain and suffering continued. What was happening with my mind? Was death still coming for us?! No.... My imagination was playing tricks on me. It had done so since our capture. I wanted to have somewhere to fall back to, but it ain't working.
I follow beside the two marked, still mad but not quite as much now. Thank you Jason.
I wouldn't leave them if it was an option.
Yeah ... I'm sorry for getting mad at you but I ... made a promise I intend on keeping.
I understand that, but sometimes you can't keep that kind of promise, even if you want to. Trust me, I have experience.
I know but ... this promise matters far more than you realize. I am still mad but I am much more subdued. My head is dipped slightly.
You'd be surprised how much I realize, Arcis. Our link has only grown stronger, and I've seen what you said. It's important, but you shouldn't make promises you can't always keep.
The promise I made was to protect anyone who is dragon-marked, if it is within my power. She is one such dragon-marked and in that instance I could keep it. All of the dragons in the hollow made that same promise. I will keep her safe until ... I trail off and close my thoughts to Jason.

OOC: CR I am assuming you are still interested in having a dragon partner.
You are to keep her safe until such a time as you can help her find her partner. I saw that as well, however, she isn't just Dragon marked, she's also Marked, having been accused of a crime that can only be truly atoned for by death. As much as I disagree with it, that is how things are. So unless you can remove her mark, she'll never be safe, even with the King's pardon.
Do you know how the marked get marked?
I've found plenty of theories in my travels, but I've never put much thought into it personally. I know it usually has to do with something a community as a whole, and generally the kingdom as well, views as absolutely evil. Why?
I don't mean why they get the mark I mean how the mark is given to them.
Some are born with it, to atone for a parent's sin, but that's the only confirmed method I've seen.
... great ... that makes removing it a lot harder. I shift to the marked girl. How were you given your mark? You don't need to reply verbally.
I follow Jason.

"Quick thinking, pretty risky though."
"What else could I do? I wasn't about to shoot our way out if it could be helped."

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