Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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"Nothing, I guess. But they're still in a hell of a fix, and judging from the racism Marked seem to receive, they'll probably get killed as soon as we're done with them."
"It's why we'll make sure they get home safely when we can."
"And how do you plan to accomplish that, other than going in with guns blazing? We'll have to think of something, I guess, but it certainly wouldn't be easy."
"They're going to be working with us, meaning if we deem them ready to go home, we can shoot anyone that says otherwise, so to speak."
"I certainly can't say I like that plan, considering it sounded like they had to be punished. Not only that, but we're certain to make a few enemies that way."
"We were certain to make enemies anyways."
"I wouldn't assume that. The people here have seemed pretty helpful, and I'd rather not get the police or army or whatever bearing down on us."
"Which is why I pulled the King's sigil. Truthfully, most only want them dead because of the Mark. That's it. No other reason."
OOC: hey guys sorry to interrupt i'm just here to say ZARK CHECK YOUR MAIL!!!!.... carry on
darkra don't post that here when you are NOT even in this RP. that belongs either in the Bar or Zarkun's Store.
OOC: sorry but Zanon's bar and Zark's store are way down there so i'm lazy and decided to post here. won't happen again
"Exactly. So we've got to be careful about who's toes we step on."
"Other than a few Mercs, I'm not too concerned."
then post it in an RP your in with zarkun. May you feel the wrath of the Libiatya.

IC: While I wait for the marked woman to respond I turn my attention back to Jason and Sahna. Its better that Jason did what he did or we would likely be in the middle of a very bad fight right now.
The option of shooting the ropes was tempting however.
OOC: Going to have to wait until CR replies saying what crime he committed. Kinda hard to have the conversation with the warden going if I don't know why CR was getting executed in the first place.
He's Marked, but I see your point. Damn it CR, wherefore art thou?!
if that is related to Arcis asking how CR's female char got her mark ... I don't want to know what crime his chars did to earn the mark, I want to know how the mark was laid upon them ...
Well, you should involve both simply because it helps.
True and I hate my comp I'll reply in HB when it comes back up.

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