Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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What did I miss.....
Arcis asked you female char how she was given her mark.
Should I say it aloud or in ze mind?
Either. Arcis did say that she didn't have to reply verbally but its up to you.
I spoke with a raspy voice, it was dry from lack of water. "How I was marked.... You aren't born with it. But if they find you with such abnormalities of the mind... They will brand it onto you skin for the rest of your life... Our crime is that we are freaks... Some of us go to the extreme and fight back but that makes it worse...."
So you were branded? I should be able to do something about that but I'm not sure.
"We've already tried to remove them.... Es so far hasn't done anything to help.... Why do you want to know?"
"I've seen them born with it, not that they're always born with it."
My reasons are my own. However I will tell you this; You are marked in more ways than you know.
Arcis, come clean with her. It's better she know the truth and not be scared for her life than if you keep it a secret and don't tell her, resulting in her being scared to be near us.
"Lovely.... Not like the guards and soldiers would love to hear about it...."
There are somethings I can't but I'll tell her what I can ... I guess. I say to Jason and then shift to the girl again. It's not that kind of mark ... You are dragon marked. You are chosen to be the partner of a dragon yet to hatch. The mark the humans gave you will be a problem however and will need to be removed. I begin contemplating ways of possibly removing the mark.
"We already understand that it'll be difficult, but I've seen it done. I...just don't know the finer details."
"How wonderful? I must be special if I'm double marked..." Trying to be slightly... Funny..."As fo the brand.... I wont be surprised if it leaves scars on it though."
Well there is nothing I can do until we stop moving and I can get a better look at the mark. It likely will leave scars but they should be almost invisible unless you know they are there and what to look for.
"Don't over do it Arcis. She might be safer having her own partner do it when we return to the hollow."
She has yet to complete her trial. Until she does it would be pointless to go back. I keep my knowledge of what here trail is very far from Jason as he did not need to know.
"Secrets between partners is a bad idea, Arcis. I know you're hiding something. However, all sources confirm that the trials must be in that testing ring. We have to go back first chance we get."
"Trials? What's going on? Why does it seem like I'm better off putting my life in the people who want to kill me?"
"It's nothing more than a trial of worth of something that you're unsure of. If you pass, you get your dragon. If not, then you leave until you're ready to try again."

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