Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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{Not all trails are that way. True many are but not all. I'm sorry but this needs to remain secret as it would cause you to interfere to much. I really don't want to keep it from you but I must.}
"Arcis, it isn't my place to interfere, and I never do unless it's necessary. Just remember, if you don't trust me, how am I supposed to trust you?"
Its not that I don't trust you, its ... I already almost died because I interfered. Trails are sacred and only other dragons were ever allowed to know what a trial entailed. IF I tell you, you CANNOT tell anyone else or speak about it out loud. I say stressing the 'if' and 'cannot'

OOC: I just realized this; the guards should be thinking that they are going insane right about now.
That...wow...I didn't even think about it...

IC: I'm not going to, but as the first Rider and Dragon, I think we're allowed some leniency.
I couldn't help but warn them.... They must've thought we were crazy! "I accidentally forgot you name... But we should've talked about this when we didn't have.... company."
There were others before us, not very many but there were others before the R-virus. *mental sigh* Fine. She has to find the cure for the poison she is afflicted with. The poison is also what marks her a one of the chosen currently. I didn't realize she had been chosen when I first met her and I accidentally tried to interfere. I look around expecting to have incured the wrath of the Ancient One but when nothing happens I relax slightly.
You did it with good intentions, Arcis. However, our friend makes a good point. Not that anyone up here even knows what we're saying. So, where does her trial take place then? I know we've still a ship to investigate off the coast.
She has to find the cure and only the dragon who created the trial knows where it is. However I do know that when she finds it she will know. All we can do is help her look.
I sigh. The Dragons had always been cryptic, but this...took it to a whole new level. Do your ancestors infuriate you as much as they do me at times?
Yes and to be honest I'm still half expecting for Drago to do something to me and/or you simply because I told you about her trial.
If there's one thing Drago would approve of, it's trust. I spot the warden's door and sigh. Please let me do the talking. They can't know she's Dragon marked, or it'll take that much more to bribe our way out.
Don't worry. So long as they don't threaten her again I'll be quiet. Jason was probably right but I was still apprehensive.

OOC: will return around 7-8 pm US Eastern cya peeps.
The guards take you inside the barracks, a massive place that could hold an army inside. The guards take you to a more quiet area of the place, leading you in front of the warden's office.

One of the guards knock on the door before opening it.

"Sir, we have some people that wish to talk about these prisoner's release."

The warden's desk was hidden in the shadows, keeping his face hidden as he replied.

"Bring them in. And remove the restraints from said prisoners, too."

The guards remove the ropes and shut the door behind you as they leave you with warden.

From the darkness, the warden remained silent until he threw a book at your feet.

"You should read that. It would help you, considering I could hear your little mental conversation when you got here."
I chuckle. "You'd be a horrible bluffer and I don't care either way. They're going with us if I have to beat my way out of this pirate infested rat hole."
"Since when did I say they couldn't leave? They can leave if they want. The hunt for the Marked happened all the way back since the Es war. Ridiculous, it is, hunting people since they had the ability to be unique."

He stops for awhile before chucking a history book on top of the previous one.

"But, in all seriousness, you need to work on your mental link. The R Virus managed to nearly wipe us out because we didn't know they had Es powers. You'll find that most infected can hear into your conversations that way."
"Right now, I'm more concerned with getting them out. While you yourself find it ridiculous, as do I, there's still an angry mob out there that wants them dead. Our link, as of right now, is unimportant."
"You mean to tell us... That they just went ahead with a dead tradition and not many people knew about it? Besides officials.... I guess they just wanted something to do... Or they were just prejudice." I was slightly....annoyed.
"Ridiculous, it may seem, but very necessary back in those days. You see, orginally the Marked were very unique people. They were destined to be great. Dragon riders, past kings, great warriors, etc. They were all were Marked. However, a cult grew around them, being one of the factions of the Es war. They were so insane that they willingly became infected with the R Virus to forever be with the Marked in the afterlife. So many Marked join this faction to be worshiped as gods that it became a threat, since now these powerful people now controlled an army of both uninfected and infected people."

He stops for a moment, again tossing something at your feet. However, this time it was a pendent that had a symbol on it.

"After the war, all Marked were required to wear that. Soon, the Marked hunted again out of fear. Fear that some of them would bring an army back. So, an order was given that all Marked were to be killed. Of course, this faded from common knowledge. Now, it's a tradition that few follow. In your case, someone high in the Guard could have written a false report to follow this tradition."
I pick both the book and the pendent up and stow them in my pack. "Who? I know these two well enough to know they're decent people."
"That is something that I am wondering myself. Whoever did this sent me a false report."

The warden gets up from his chair, walking up to you with a file in his hand. You can see that he was wearing a red robe, while wearing a lion mask.

"I checked the name of whoever sent me the report. Her name is Eve Schol."

He opens the file to show an aging woman who had battle scars on her face.

"However, she relates to your mission. I did some investigating and found out that she might be involved in this situation."

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