Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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"How so? As in helped start the out break?"
I remain quiet and mostly calm but I was mad at this human for listening in on something that he should not have and should be private. I finally couldn't take it and speak up. {You will forget what you heard if you enjoy being in good health human. Also you will never listen in on a conversation between dragon and rider, unless you are invited, especially when such private matters are the topic.}
"Arcis, he's right. It's as much our fault as his, if not more so. While we resolve this issue, we work on making our link secure, to protect our thoughts."
Fine but he still needs to forget what he heard.
You realize memories don't vanish on a whim, right?
"Not exactly. Those scars aren't from anything I've seen. After seeing the bodies myself, I've been making my own theories."

From his robe, he pulls out a knife, placing it on his palm.

"I retrieved a knife from a ship roughly a year ago, this one in fact. Here, abandoned ships are practically fair game for anyone who finds one. So, I was lucky enough before people started coming in to salvage the entire thing. I was glad, too, because I found out something unique about this knife...."

The knife starts to float in his hand, beginning to spin in air as it floated above his palm.

"It's a Stella knife. Things made by that race are practically rarer than anything, even more rare than that dragon you have. The strange thing is that the woman in that file seemed to keep following me until she eventually gave up after I lied about selling it."

The knife starts bouncing in the air, doing several circles around his hand.

"She went on vacation, returning about an hour before reports started to flood in. The story about the knife may seem like nothing, but after you consider the influence Stella weapons had with the Es war....."
"There's a chance they play a part in this recent outbreak," I finish. "But the question has to be asked as to how? It was never their purpose."
It can be done. or possibly if he swears to keep it secret if he doesn't Drago will fry him and who ever he tells.
"Stella weapons are the only known thing to be able to kill anything. Hence why they were the weapon of choice for dragon hunters. The materials used by the Stella could resist anything and kill anything. So, I'm hoping that my theory isn't near to correct........"

The knife suddenly stops midair.

"The R Virus is trying to use the same materials used by the Stella to make themselves the ultimate killing machines."
I shake my head, hundreds of theories flying in at this revelation. "If that's the case, then there's nothing even the King's army could do, not against that, and not unless they were armed and protected by similar weapons and armor. Merciful Gaia, but...this is far worse than I thought. You say she filed the report?"
"Yes. I will tell all the Guard about your friend's release due to her wrongdoing. You should have complete cooperation from the Guard for this."

He hands you the dagger, placing it on your hand.

"You may need it if the R Virus is really using Stella materials. But, come with me before you leave. I have something that may interest you."

He walks over to the back of the room, making a loud clank sound. Soon, a hidden passageway appeared.

"This way."
I look at Sahna and Arcis then follow. He had already been more helpful than anyone else, so maybe he was being truthful.
I follow Jason and Glare at the warden as I pass. Do you want to work on protecting our link from unwanted eavesdroppers or shall we do that at a later time? I ask Jason bounding to catch up and then walking beside him.
First we ask if either of us knows how.
I sigh. Of course the one thing that puts a stop to that idea ... Perhaps we should go back to the Hollow so we can get advice from Drago. I didn't really want to go back at least not yet. There was still so much to do and the girl hadn't finished her Trial yet ...
We have some time before we can go back, so let's try and figure it out before we go back to Drago.
I nod slightly. Yeah. Lets get to it then.
I listen to the conversation, then follow.
So everyone is following?
yeah ... damn how to continue on what Jason and Arcis are to be working on ... someone feel free to interrupt I guess.

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