Fade: The Rise, Part 3

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He leads you to a dug out tunnel, leading the way with a lantern.

"These tunnels were first dug out during the Es war, as a means to hide innocent Marked during that time. Unfortunately, it was very unsuccessful. The only thing they managed to save was equipment and their history."

He turns left at a split in the path, making sure that you were all accounted for.

"This tunnel network is all over the planet. Despite its large size, it's only known by the people who tried hard enough to find it. It's mostly knowledge hidden by people high in command, so they can evacuate certain individuals safely."

You come to a stop to a wooden door, braced with rusty metal.

"Doors like these are all over the place, only able to be opened by the Marked. So of course, these are the most well preserved."
I look at the two Marked, the male just barely standing. "One of you will have to open it."
Matthew coughed with a stern.... No. "We've already been through enough... So unless she wants to do it.... I'm not opening it up."

I didn't know what to do.... Sighing. "I don't know if that's a good idea... For all we know one of you could just make us open it and it'll work..."
"I don't even know what's in that room. Hell, I didn't know these things existed. So, truth of the matter is, you're stuck unless you open it."
"So we can't do anything unless we fulfill your wish in opening the door.... Such a grand idea!" I was annoyed... Almost as if we had to open the door because he said so.
"No, but I get the feeling none of us are leaving until the door is opened, not to mention these tunnels are a safer way to get you two out of here." The least they could do is show a bit of appreciation. I put my neck on the line for them.
"Fine.... Since you insist it... But I will only open one door.... Is that 'fine' enough for you?"
Jason why don't you try it there is of course more than one kind of marked.
I'll see what I can do, but no promises. In the mean time, will you please reason with the people we've risked our lives for twice. I step forward and touch the door, which results in...
Seeing him move forward to touch it, I turn to the marked.

"Look, you've been through a lot, but we can't help you unless you help yourselves."
I'll see what I can do. {Why do you distrust us so when we have risked our own lives to save yours when we could easily have let you die? We will protect you both until either we can remove the mark or return you to your home.}
I answered to both of them at the same time. "We don't know how old this place is... We don't know what will happen to us if we touch it. Wouldn't you want to stay from something that you've never even heard of? Or now about for that matter?"
"If we live in fear of the unknown our whole lives, how will you know how to live life to it's fullest?"
The door swings open.

The warden walks in, finding the light switch to reveal a large bunker. Crates wear strewn across the floor, old chairs were broken into two. The only thing that was still intact was the blue book that sat on a marble pedestal.

"This room is your property now. You opened it, you keep it."
"Seems like you got it to work... What marked can do it.... Besides apparently a couple of us in this room and dragon marked....."
I look around, walking into the room.

"Uh, and how long should they stay here?"
Stepping in, I look around. Lots of junk, but the book...that was interesting. I approach it carefully, opening it and reading the first page.
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Crates wear strewn
[qupte]Crates were strewn[/quote]
Fixed it for you and sorry but that would have just pissed me off to much.

IC: I walk around investigating the various crates.

The book is yours to keep and you can say basically say what ever you want in it. The room's is yours too, so any idea is up for grabs.
Well.... Technically it's Zarkun and he went ahead and opened up the door.... Or tried because Arcis told him to try since he's not marked but Dragon Marked...... That's why my person asked you how many different types of marked can open the doors.....

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