Ugh I need help Dx

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I really need help, like I used to play this game back when it was first released but
I haven't played in so long and I forgot most of the tactics on what to do agaisn't certain builds and such.. Is there anyone willing to coach me?
I will definitely coach you! Just add me in game and message me :D I'm LexMillea #523
I'm in this same boat actually. I just came back from an 8 month break, and I am really struggling with everything. The game placed me in gold after my first placement match, but I'm getting stomped, over and over.
Wow, we're getting quite a few of these requests recently.

If anyone is available tonight and can coach. I'll turn on my stream for it as well if multiple people are around. Should be on a little under 3 hours.

Just message me in game or in the chat stream.
wraithcube #155

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