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WOL seems fine, although the same error does sometimes pop up. When it does, you can just hit "ok" and continue to sign in...

For HOTS its a different story, you are not able to bypass the error

edit: HOTS allows you to choose between SCII-1 and SCII-2 everytime.... for WOL, since the patch, when i open it i (sometimes) get the choice between SCII-1 and SCII-2... sometimes not... not sure whats going on.
I have the same problem !
I can't login on BETA. I can Login on my original SC2 but I have the same error.
I have the same problem, then after clicking okay and trying to log in I get this error: Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client.

I tried reinstalling from the US client from scratch and it did not help.

I also contacted a GM through online ticket and he says that I am not flagged for BETA and he has no sign of me ever logging into the beta even though I've played it before the patch since I've bought it 31/12/2012.

After a very long discussion with the GM he pretty much gave up and said there is nothing he can do since it's a beta and the developpers are the ones who need to look into to this.

If this helps the GM also "refreshed" my entire account to try and get ride of the error on my original SC-2 and it didn't fix anything.
Purchased the deluxe edition today, I'm getting the same error T_T

Wish I had waited to pre-purchase lol
My try at logging in
Thanks for all the help blizzard. I can see we are all very valuable customers.
Bookofthebad there's already 1 thread going on about this ... Probably many more, blue already said they on the case.
01/25/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Aldrexus
Thank you all for bringing the “no game accounts that can be used in this region” error message to our attention. While this is not the error message we’re referring to in the original post, we are aware of the issue and are working to address it as quickly as possible.
I found a solution. It's tied to the registry as I thought, after all why would this only happen after WoL was launched?

Deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment had no effect. Surprising. I found this duplicated elsewhere in my registry:

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-482539818-2880572447-206909069-1001\Software\Blizzard Entertainment

Your numbers might be different, in with case just search 'Blizzard' until you find it.

Deleting this, I can now start HOTS and I see the 'Account 1/2' selection again.

Here's an export of the faulty registry data for Blizz:
Same problem, I get the message in both wol and beta but i can still play wol when i just click okay.
Then try deleting the registry keys ^
That's pretty technical for the bulk of Windows users. :(
Start > run > regedit
Run search for 'blizzard'.
Ignore stuff like program files until you get to users--longassnumbers- take a look at what I wrote, yours will be almost the same. Export it to the desktop as a backup (right click on Blizzard tree) then delete it, and see if it helps.
Sorry Dark, but i'm not very good on computer. Can you make a Tutorial ?
Using windows 7 I dont know if I have "run" dark. I would like to find that HKEY-USER but not quite sure how
Hold Window key + R to bring up Run on 7/8. Or search for it via start menu.
Not really up to writing a step by step in this 45c Australian Summer. Global warming much? Anyway...
Blizz need to fix their registry conflicts.
i agree 100% if this isnt fixed with my support ticket im asking for a refund!!!!
I found something similar to the S-1-5-21 file for blizzard entainment back it up and deleted it, but nothing happened. :/
I am experiencing the same issue. I can play sc2 wings of liberty, but can not get into HOTS beta due to game client region mismatch error. Hope it gets fixed soon. Just pre-ordered my copy today.
Yeah WoL works fine for me, and i have bad luck with sorting through files. I think I'll just wait until wither blizzard fixes it or until HotS full version comes out... huh..... Well, least I saved some money by pre ordering it, and got to play the beat for a couple days...

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