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beefstew: Thanks, glad I could be of help!

Machkhan, any update from your team?
Not yet, but I will ping them for an update.
Any word yet? I know a lot of people are keen to get an update from Blizzard on this issue :)

Here's some other info that may be useful:

I believe the same problem is happening with WoW and D3 too:

Also, it appears that at least one other "copy" of is having the same problem as the SEA one ( These two people had to use the DNS or hosts file workaround to play on the US server. For them, was resolving to

Both and belong to EdgeCast Networks. Is that one of Blizzard's network providers?
got googles public one its working now just had to fiddle around with it. its safe isnt it?
having same problem on window 8. weak sauce blizzard...
This issue was for a different reason Dutch. If you have a new issue, please post in the appropriate forum.


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