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Hi. I just got talked into reinstalling SC2 by some friends, but when I go to play I'll log in, it wont ask for my authenticator code and I wont have any options for anything online. I don't even get an exit button unless I hit escape to where I have to reenter my bnet log in stuff.

This is running version 1.5.4, with a fresh install, and I've tried closing and reopening the program a number of times. The firewall is not blocking it.

My menu will be

Play as Guest
Manage Account
Open Editor
Im getting this aswell, was about to make a thread. Would be nice to get help :)
I installed the game fresh on a new pc. the download is still going and at 12% if that could be the problem.
It's not, I thought it might be because I didn't have it fully downloaded, but even at 100% I've got the problem.

Oh, and I'm an Aussie using the NA version, which has seemingly had lots of issues recently.
dammit, comon blizz we need help. I see that you have posted on pointless topics. why not post here.

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