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Yeah, looks like the one mission per thread rule is holding up pretty well.

Previously, on Reaper:

Our motley gang of heroes has completed their second mission: an attack on a Protoss research facility. After being dropped onto the planet, they made their way through the jungle and, with the aid of the Ghosts Zack and Laura, forced their way in and captured an experimental warping device.

The Protoss attempted to stop them, and might have succeeded had the Zerg Swarm not suddenly invaded the planet. The Terrans and Protoss were forced to briefly work together to hold off the Zerg, but the Protoss soon used their Warpgate to flee the planet, leaving the Reapers to fend for themselves. Before they left, they discovered the existence of the Reaper, a powerful psionic being residing within the Void. They determined that the Reaper must be dealt with, and began to make plans for its imprisonment. A mysterious being, watching the meeting, reflected that perhaps the Protoss would defeat the Reaper for it before disappearing. The Reaper appeared and told the Protoss that it was not their enemy, however so far they have refused to undo the plans they have set in motion.

Back in the laboratory, the Ghosts and Reapers fought an intense battle against the Zerg, only barely surviving long enough to be rescued by a dropship. Despite their valiance, Laura was killed and her body retrieved by drones for resurrection.

The Doctor used his powerful technology to bring Laura back to life... and in the process, discovered that she is actually a hybrid of Protoss, Zerg, and Terran, employed by the Reaper as an assassin who finds and brings about the destruction of individuals her master deems dangerous to the universe. The Doctor, guessing that he must be her target, modifies her brain to make her unable to consider him as an option. In an attempt to undo the modifications, she allowed Zack to enter her mind, where he too learned her secret.

As the two tried to unravel and undo the Doctor's plans, he ws having a very awkward meeting with the psychotic Reaper Benjamin Quill, who wanted Zack very much dead. The Doctor also thought Zack's death would be convenient, but so far has not been able to accept any of Quill's terms.

Episode Three

The Queen.
Project THANATOS Data Management.

Char name - "Ripper" (Real name Kain)
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Name: Makenna Tora
Notables: Has exceptional regenerative abilities due to |||CENSORED||| ensure she does not recognize ||||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0

Name: Terrance Sornis
Notables: None so far. Possible control subject.
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Walter Blackstone Denton
Age: 26
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Notables: May be particularly dangerous if pattern of behavioral effects resulting |||CENSORED||| ensure that potential stims dependency does not interfere with |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Alexander
Notables: Extensive damage from prior injuries may interfere with |||CENSORED||| be sure to test possible uses |||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Jennifer Carzos
Notables: Massive stims addiction. Possible leverage? Ensure that |||CENSORED||| is not aggravated by |||CENSORED||| as in |||CENSORED||| case.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Ben Quill.
Notables: A genuine psychopath. Was part of ||||||CENSORED|||||| not to allow |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0
Top Secret Files.

Provided by the Brotherhood.

Note - this is incomplete.

The Reaper.

A mysterious being that resides within the Void. It has power over life and death, and has been indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Overmind and Cerebrates. It sends assassins to destroy persons it believes are dangerous to the plot of the universe.

Abilities: Control over death itself.

Notes: This entity is essentially the Grim Reaper of its reality. Ensure it does not perform a Gyreman Breach.

Laura/Xeranis/The Clone.

The original specimen from |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| through his excellent cloning facilities produced a replica for further study. This was interupted by |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| manged to escape. During its travels, it encountered Laura Wolfe, an injured Banshee pilot, and |||CENSORED||| gaining some Terran properties and personality traits. While disguised, trained for several years under |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| last known. Very dangerous. Was being watched by |||CENSORED||| but he was ordered to switch targets and we lost track of this unique specimen.

Abilities: Full extent unknown. Shapeshifting and numerous psionic feats have been observed. An excellent pilot as well.

Notes: A vivid personality. A potential to form working relationships strengthened by a desire to test this potential.


This Ghost was a part of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED||||||CENSORED|||, enhancing pyrokinetic abilties through |||CENSORED||| Escaped after |||CENSORED|||

Abilities: Psionics, with a tendency towards fire. Currently the best living Ghost at pyrokinetics.

Notes: Grouchy. Has befriended nobody since the loss of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED|||
Story entry will be removed if requested.


The hull of Laura's cloaked ship was not the most comfortable place in the universe to hide. Effective perhaps, but no comfortable.
After its recall to the landing bay, its lone 'hanger on' decided that it was time to move on.

A stream of golden sand began to fall from the ship, and pooled below it. As soon as the grains stopped falling, the sand moved as a mass towards a ventilation duct.

It was unlikely that any camera inside the bay saw this occurrence and even if it did, it saw only a shimmer easily dismissed as interference. It was definitely the wrong shape to be a ghost or other cloaked object.

Once inside the duct, the sand began to form the shape of a man. A man in a lab coat who appeared to be dead, for his lips were blue and his skin pale.

Yet the dead man moved. He made plenty of noise in the thin metal ventilation shaft as he crawled along, and a fair bit more when he smashed the grate of a vent above a hallway and dropped down.

He looks left and right before proceeding.


One of the facility cameras gets a clear shot of him and runs a facial recognition program.

It yields one result.

A Dominion scientist killed by nerve gas some months ago. A further inquiry by the computer reveals that the facility's entire staff was killed by this nerve gas.

The image is flagged and will be brought to the attention of whoever access (with the proper clearance of course) a security terminal.


For those of you whose memory does not go as far back as April:
I sigh. "I'll...I'll see what I can do." Focusing again, I shove my mind against the Changelings with all the force I can muster, hoping to do the trick.
OOC: KO, your turn for our convo in case you missed it.
Ensure it does not perform a Gyreman Breach.

What does this mean?

01/20/2013 04:43 AMPosted by KnarledOne
The Reaper appeared and told the Protoss that it was not their enemy, however so far they have refused to undo the plans they have set in motion.

Artanis spoke first, "Exemplar, you have called an emergency meeting and we have responded in kind. What is it that forced your hand to declare a state of emergency? What ill tidings do you bring?"

The Exemplar stood before the Hierarchy. "Greetings members of the Hierarchy. We live in dark times and it appears it will be even darker. We have discovered the existence of another Void-based entity."

There was a solemn silence in the room as the Hierarchy sent private messages to one another. Finally, Artanis spoke again. "Then tell us what you know about this entity."

The Exemplar nodded, "We first discovered it when the Station was attacked by the Terrans. The head researcher Ra'luu and Executor Altras encountered it as they set off the self destruct sequence. If you will, I will show you their memories. The Council has named this entity 'Reaper'," he said, laying down a Uraj crystal for the Hierarchy to see.

"...This is troubling news. Mohandar, do you know anything about this being?" Selenis said.

The old and enigmatic Nerazim shook his head. "Perhaps it is the taint that we feel in the Void. I do not know. But we should prepare for it."

"Exemplar, you already have thought of a plan I presume?" said Artanis.

"Yes, the Council and I agreed that we should prepare countermeasures against this entity if it ever decides to attack us. First, we begin with information gathering on this...ghost operative. Learn everything and anything we can about it. In the meantime, we will construct a prison and seal it with an Argus crystal. A specialist task force will be created for the purpose of fighting this entity, all of them preferably Nerazim as Void based entities can only be hurt by the Void."

"Would trapping this Ghost operative trap the Reaper?" asked Urun.

"We do not know. However, since the Reaper is using the Ghost as an extension of its will, it will severely limits its ability to carry forth its objective until it turns to another thrall. This implies that the Reaper currently cannot manifest in our realm. It cannot leave the Void.

"But that also implies it can enter our realm. This entity released the two Protoss unharmed. Are you sure it is in our best interest to provoke it?" asked Zekrath.

"It has attacked the Station. It's intentions are unknown. These entities have a tendency towards destruction. We are living in dark times after all. If we are not actively hunting for it, then we should at the very least, prepare for it," the Exemplar replied.

Artanis spoke again, "A majority rule it is. Give us a moment to cast our is done. Exemplar, you have our approval for this mission. Investigate the Reaper and do whatever it is that is necessary at your discretion."

"At once Hierarch."

Artanis sighed heavily, "Yes, these are dark times. This meeting is over! Exemplar, good luck."
"Child... Your council of the Firstborn... it seeks to imprison me... I am not your enemy... neither is my herald... I am no force that can be captured... they do not understand me... as your kind does... I am the Void... and it is me... You are all my vassals... and I am your protector... They call out against me for not aiding them with their problems... but... I already have... the High Prelate Zeratul's slaughter of the Cerebrate... The mighty Tassadar's sacrifice... all brought upon the power of the Nerazim... my power... Go now... realize that what I say is the truth... and that the council is attempting a fruitless endeavor..."
And with such, the shadows fade and dissipate, the figure with them, and the Templar is left in his quarters, alone and shivering from the supernatural cold that had overtaken him.

^I don't particularly like it that somehow, all the DT draw their energies from this being as you equated the Reaper with all of the Void whereas the intepretation of a vast, entropic reservoir of 'dark energy' that is physical manifestation of the galaxy seems more compelling. It's particularly invulnerable. I mean, the Reaper could have been borne from the Void but for it to be the Void is just leading to a lot head hurts like hell thinking this, I don't even know.
Hehe... that's the thing. The Reaper is simply the essense of the Void, drawn together by the entirety of the Nerazim, which means that it is not a Void-Based entity, but rather simply the Void itself. Anywho, just don't think about it. I don't want to go into too much detail.

IC: The Clone twitches a little, turning around, and finally seeming to realize Zack's presence, hunching over and hissing, causing both me and Xeranis to cringe. She twitches a little, seemingly a tiny bit more relaxed... not as hostile. I regard this with caution.
"I'm... not sure what's going on... I think it's working..."
I remain focused, pressing the attack. "I can feel her giving in."
The Clone begins to twitch, slowly regaining an upright posture, before standing erect, blinking a few times and snarling, before glaring at Zack. I chuckle a bit.
"Well, she doesn't like it... but she's been overwritten. It's interesting... being a part of her... At first we were always in conflict... never knowing what to do... which side to help... then she... began to alter herself... becoming more like me... then from us fractured Xeranis..."
She nods, then looks over in Xeranis' direction, nodding shyly.
"She doesn't talk much... but she's grateful that the Doctor isn't controlling her now... I... hope you didn't poke too much into our head... it's completely open to you now... we have no way to guard against you now... you could command us to kill ourselves and we would have to obey... you're in a position of power now Zack... and we are simply your weapon... like a gun or a sword... same integrity... different user..."
I shake my head. "Truth be told, the Dominion did it's damnedest to make me a heartless killing machine. It failed, which is why I was supposed to die that day. When I started acting heartless though, that's when they took me off the death list. I couldn't make you do anything. I just want to know how to fix the damage done."
We all chuckle amongst ourselves, shaking our heads.
"You see... the Doctor reintegrated the genetic loyalty all Zerg have in common. We cannot change that, nobody should be able to... but I did on accident... I shut it off, and then my only true loyalty was to the Void... but the Doctor switched it back on... to re-do it... I would have to die again... and I would rather not..."
I catch myself, after looking sorrowful, and shake my head.
"Er- No... I mean, when I first met her." I look over to the Clone, who was deep in thought, reminiscing.
"I was a top notch Banshee pilot... top of my class... was downed by some rebel group on a small planet... fell... impaled myself on the wreckage... was found by her... accidentally assimilated into her... And... here we are..." I chuckle nervously and look at all of them, sighing and focusing at Zack.
"We all know how you are... the mental connection works two ways. We're psionically linked now... We know how much you've been hurt... we know you don't want to be heartless... you were scared for your life... that Jason would have given his in vain... we'll change that... they can't fight us... we've proven that more often than we would have liked to..."
I shake my head. "No one should be forced to serve anyone. I'm going to fix it, even if I have to break myself in the process." I was now very confused. I hadn't been this convicted since Jason and I decided to be Ghosts with hearts and understanding rather than the mindless killing machines that all the others had a tendency to become. After his death...I swore that conviction would die with him, to save myself and others more pain. it was back. I didn't know what to think anymore.
I sigh, and walk up to him, wrapping my arms around him and holding him tightly.
"You aren't forcing us... we chose you, over the Doctor. If anybody, we'd be happier with you. You understand pain... suffering... just stop thinking for once... let yourself go for a little while... I'll take care of you. I'll make sure you come through all right."
I pull his conscious out of the mental state, and quickly and painlessly give him a dose of mental feedback, knocking him out while still giving his subconscious time to process everything around him, while his conscious had time to merge with my own... This was the next step... after our consciousnesses merged... a permanent psionic link would be forged... We all understood this... after careful analyzation of his character and motives... he would protect us... to ensure that this never happened again. I took his limp body, placing it in the cockpit, and sitting on the armrest, staring off into space, my hood pulled up over my head, my mask hidden by it as well... My thoughts were clouded with the future... was this truly what the Reaper planned..? Was I meant to be free from his role for me... only to be with another person..? Perhaps... but I still- no... we still... wanted to be with him... he deserved that much... to have company after all this time...
It was a good hour before I finally came to, rubbing my temple to try and disperse the minor headache I now had. "That...was slightly painful. Was it really necessary?" I took off my helmet, the scar on my cheek coming into view first, then my eyes, blood red since birth, and finally my hair, a color that would make even the fire I used jealous. "Ow..."
I half turn around, my normally green eyes the same color as his, before dispersing into what seemed to be like wisps of flame. "I'd say it was... to ensure that you had no forms of arguing your points, Zack." I pull my hood down, and take off my mask, unzipping my coat and stretching across the armrests of his chair, looking up at him as my back cracks.
"Hmmm... You know, this is the first time I think I've ever seen your face... Never would've guessed that you were a redhead though~" I chuckle a bit, and rest my arms behind my head, taking a few breaths. Under my coat I am wearing a black shirt, temperature resistant, keeps heat in when it's cold, lets it out when it's hot. Plus my abilities to regulate everything in my body, I can be at a perfect temperature no matter what climate I'm in...
"Most wouldn't. Most tend to miss my hair and go straight to my eyes however. No opinion on those?" It was...nice, knowing that my appearance didn't scare the sh!t out of some one for once. One less person to watch out for should they get least in one way...
I chuckled a bit, and blinked, my eyes cycling through the different colors, blood red like his, icy blue like the Original's, some purples, magentas... then finally, back to my unnaturally Emerald-Green eyes.
"Trust me, appearances don't faze me anymore..."
I look out of the cockpit, and sigh happily.
"Well... wonder if the Reapers have done anything stupid while we're away?"
"Knowing them, without a doubt." I look back towards the journal again and then sigh. "There's lot more on that journal than what you watched and listened to. More than just the final breaking at Project Solar Flare..."
I was still busy cleaning this goop off of my armor... It stunk like the Devil's pit. Oh the horror... Not! But still stank like a motha. The room was quiet... My life would consist of only my memories... and the ability to stay calm... That is if that was ever possible at times.

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